About Me

Welcome to my online space - I am Iram Khan, your friendly Chinese teacher and trainer. 

Do you want to learn chinese and speak it fluently? If yes, your search for a professional chinese language trainer ends here. I can teach you chinese lessons from beginner to intermediate and even advanced levels. 

Being the professional Chinese language trainer that I am, many students have benefitted from my language classes. In fact, students have been able to speak chinese language in just one month after joining my language classes! 

Do you wish to speak chinese language comfortably too? Contact me today and let me guide you how to learn the language confidently. 

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Yuyan - Open Up New doors Of Possibilities

Learning chinese isn’t easy - but with practice and guidance, I can help you achieve your goal. Did you know - Chinese is one of the fastest growing foreign languages in terms of popularity and demand? Learning this language can open up new doors of possibilities for you,,,so what are you waiting for? Contact me today and let me guide you, teach you and train you on how to speak confident chinese language quickly! 

Started by Iram Khan , Yuyan Chinese Learning Institute is the first of its kind. The very First Institute in Yamuna vihar, started in jan,2020. The founder keenly observed the lack of institutes where Chinese Mandarin is taught by Iram Khan who can better teach the language since they understand the origin and the essence of the language. Trade between China and India has doubled since 2011, which has directly increased the number of people who want to learn Chinese. Located in the National Capital Region, the paramount goal of Youyan Chinese and its members is to impart quality Chinese language skills. Learn Chinese with Yuyan Chinese. Join us today!

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