About VKS Chemistry Classes

VKS Chemistry Classes and HK Ajaria Physics classes were established with a goal to give the best chemistry and physics online coaching to students in Delhi-NCR. As leading online chemistry and physics tutors in Delhi, we believe in giving every child the opportunity to learn and perform better.

Vinod Kumar Sharma’s online chemistry coaching classes is open to any student who wants to score better in Chemistry. Be it organic chemistry coaching, inorganic chemistry coaching or physical chemistry classes in Delhi, you can contact me to overcome your fear of Chemistry!

HK Arjaria’s online physics classes are open to any student who wants to improve their marks and understanding of Physics. Physics is a vast and complex subject but I can help you gain confidence and overcome your fear. Contact me to get better at Physics today!

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About Vinod Kumar Sharma and HK Arjaria

Vinod Kumar Sharma:

Total teaching experience of 15 years for JEE/NEET.

M-TECH (Chemical Engineering) from HBTI Kanpur.


HK Arjaria:

Total teaching experience of 25 years in reputed institutes like Bansal Classes, Sri Chaitanya Academy, Aakash Institute and many others.

Author of the book ‘Together with IIT-JEE Physics’.


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What Our Students Say

Testimonials from students

If you promise to study hard, then Vinod Kumar Sharma and HK Arjaria sir will leave no stone unturned to make your dream come true. One of the very best learning environment and the teachers are humble and professional.

Anand Rastogi

Vinod Kumar Sharma’s chemistry class is one of the renowned online coaching classes in Delhi and I am glad to have chosen them for my daughter’s future. They are professionals who believe in helping every student achieve better marks in Chemistry.

Devika Mathur

I am thankful to Vinod Kumar Sharma’s chemistry classes to help me prepare for NEET. Inorganic chemistry had always been a weak area for me but the tutors at VKS classes helped me overcome my fear.

Salil Choudhary