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So here goes my story, but in brief… I just cannot don anything and everything for it has to be very, very specific! Getting dressed up for a special occasion or even for regular days goes me thinking and pops up different questions in my mind. Do you wish to know, what sort of questions?? Alright, so it’s like What should I wear? (very basic question, isn’t it?) then What accessory to pair it up with or to completely avoid wearing one? Then about my hairdo as I keep on experimenting with different hairstyles, etc. etc. because trust me the series of questions doesn’t end there! Gradually, I began realizing that zayummm people actually applaud my fashion taste and give me compliments – not only people who know me, but strangers too. I truly believe that I have a knack for fashion! That’s when I thought why shouldn’t I reach out to a large number of people and establish my presence in some way? Secondly and most importantly, I always wanted to do something in the fashion industry, but circumstances never opened that window for me. After years of exhaustion of preparing for competitive exams, I stumbled upon this thought of creating my own YouTube Channel and pursuing my passion for Fashion. Hence fellas, I began doing fashion Vlogging and am trying to build my channel through different digital platforms, such as YouTube (most importantly), Instagram, and Facebook. I am only a few videos old and wish to make a name for myself in this fraternity and also grow my taste for it in the days to come. For this, I will not even fear stepping out of my comfort zone, exploring and experimenting with different contemporary styles. I also strongly wish to work with big fashion brands, such as ONLY, ZARA, KAZO, GUESS, MANGO, PRAMOD, etc. and establish an invincible presence,digitally.

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