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Welcome to my online space! I am a certified grade 5 ABRSM in Vocals (Associate Board of Royal School of Music) London. My natural inclination is towards western vocals as well as Indian vocals which makes me unique as a teacher.  Whether you are a beginner or an intermediate level learner, I am confident in my ability and skills  to help you develop confidence and singing style. Learning vocals is a fun process with me as I often like to work on building a positive teacher-student relationship in the journey. I offer vocal classes in Delhi-NCR to both children as well as adults at home.  I’ve performed in numerous singing festivals and competitions including the Dastangoi Festival with Opera Fusiona at Shri Ram Centre, Mandi House and Central Park, Delhi. I’ve also been a part of choir groups in the past.  Join Me if you are looking for a fun, positive and balanced approach to learning western classical and Indian classical singing in Delhi.   

Service City - Delhi

Service Localities - Malviya Nagar

Teaching Type - Home Tutor Only.

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Western Classical

 learn the basics and advanced concepts of western classical singing with me. Underst... read more

Indian Classical

learn the basics and advanced concepts of Indian classical singing with me. Understand the... read more

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Surinder Singh

15 Dec, 2019

Surinder Singh

18 Dec, 2019

A good trainer and teacher.

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