about Tanya Chamoli

About Me

A famous YouTuber, choreographer and a performer, I have trained in Los Angeles California under various worldwide popular teachers, Jojo Gomez, Brooklyn Jai, Dana Alexa, Wildabeast Adams and Matt Steffanina to name a few. 

I have also performed at the Choreographers' Carnival, Los Angeles with Brooklyn Jai.Currently she's a famous YouTuber with more than 200k subscribers and 50 million views! My famous and viral video, cheap thrills was also shared by the famous hollywood celebrities Sean Paul and Ashton Kutcher. I have choreographed various college teams and events. Being a feminist, my motive of empowering women in the field of dance, I have been successful in forming an all girls' crew called BeeWare, a crew that focuses more on individuality and pushes girls to be bold and fierce. I have also performed for TedX.


Learn the moves

Dancing is my passion and I make sure to train myself in various dance styles that include jazz funk, jazz, hip hop, ballet, dancehall, waacking, vogue, twerk, kathak, etc. Being a lifelong learner, I also understand the importance of being versatile and always has something new to offer.

So, if you’re someone who wants to learn dancing, join me today. I can help you learn dance moves and get over your fear of performing. Learn the moves now and express yourself confidently through dance!