9th Class

If you are a looking for a maths tutor to cover subjects like – Arithmetic, Algebra, Geometry and more, you can contact me. As a professional and experienced maths tutor, I have years of teaching experience for students of class 9th who want to conquer the fear of maths.

10th Class

If you are searching for an experienced mathematics tutor for 10th class maths classes, contact me. From algebra and geometry to probability and statistics, I cover all maths subjects in my classes. I have years of teaching experience for students of class 10th who want to prepare for board exams.

11th Class

As a professional maths tutor, I have years of experience in teaching maths to students of 11th class for CBSE/ICSE board exams. From permutation and combinations, calculus, mathematical reasoning to algebra and geometry, I cover a broad range of subjects as a mathematics tutor.

12th Class

Want to get better at solving complex mathematics problems? Contact me for maths tuition for 12th classes. I can teach you a variety of maths subjects such as – Relations and Functions, Algebra, Calculus, Probability, Vectors and Geometry. I can help you score good in board exams with tips and tricks.

Mental Ability

Do you want your child to retain information for longer? Want to help your children prepare for the challenges of future? As a mental ability teacher with years of experience, I can help you prepare for competitive exams where mental ability is tested.

Now your child can easily prepare for NCERT, JEE, AIPMT and CBSE exams with my complete mental ability classes and tutorials. I have created an exhaustive package of hundreds of mental ability questions that covers each aspect of mathematical and general reasoning in depth.

With my detailed question bank and preparation material, you can easily enhance and supercharge your mental ability for any competitive exams. Become a mathematics genius with Shianshu Atrey – your professional, friendly and experienced maths and mental ability teacher.

Are You Looking For A Maths Teacher ?

I can help you get over your fear of Maths.

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