About Me

I am a professional Maths tutor with years of teaching maths to students from classes 8th to 12th.

My expertise lies in my unique teaching methodology that can help every student get their concepts clear.

Maths is a beautiful and super important subject for a successful career and that is why students who are struggling to get good grades in maths at school or competitive exams level – can easily contact me.

I offer home tuition for maths and I love to help children get over their fear of maths.

From basics and concepts to advanced knowledge, I offer maths tuition to students of all age groups.

My Vision

As a professional mathematics teacher who brings decades of teaching experience to the table, my vision is to help every student get better at mathematics. I am also teaching mental ability classes to help students gain mastery over their mental power and thought process.

With enough practice and dedication, every student can achieve their true potential. As a maths teacher offering tuition classes , I am available to share my knowledge, insights and experiences with anyone who wants to learn. Mathematics is not just a subject, it is an art in itself and I am the teacher who can help you learn and master this art for success.

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Read what my students have to say about me


- Sanidhya Agarwal – Kota

“Today if I am not afraid of Math is just bcoz of SA Sir, who just not only taught Math but also motivated us and taught us many good lessons of life.”


- Kunal Sharma- Kota

“I had Math phobia earlier but you have taught me in a true sense and now I am able to do difficult questions easily. Thank you Sir!!”


- Sandeep Vishwakarma- Uttar Pradesh

“Sir your style is very good.. You make us learn each and every concept thoroughly. You are inspiration to all of us. teaching”


- Ayush Meena- Kota

“Extremely useful…You made concepts easy for me..Thank you so much Sir”


- Govind Gupta- Karnataka

“Very nice questions Sir…All questions were Board based…”


- Anuj Chaudhary- Uttar Pradesh

“You teach great tricks Sir that are helpful for many exams!! I have learnt good tricks and have gained confidence in solving Math. Thank you Sir for the Support.”

- Captain Surinder

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