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Sharma Private Tuition

About Me

Welcome to my online space - I am a linguistic expert and an English teacher from Vadodara. What makes me a linguistic expert, you might ask? Well, I’ve been called a literary prodigy since I was 11 years old. Adding to my list of laurels, I’ve also won the second runner up prize cup in All India Essay Writing competition in 2017-18. 

Be it spoken or written english, if you’re worried about your lack of knowledge or confidence, it’s time to contact me. I am confident that I can help you overcome your fear and grow your knowledge about English. I offer creative writing classes in Vadodara and students can also contact me for improving their overall fluency in English. 


Why Learn English From Me

Whether you are looking for spoken english classes for kids or for adults, I am here to help you get better. 

  • Unique Teaching Methodology

  • Professional Teaching Experience

  • Suitable for Kids and Adults

  • Certified English Coaching