About Me

Welcome to my online space - I am Sachi, a practicing potter, design consultant and educator.  I have been teaching design aptitude, pottery, glass art, painting, among many other subjects over the years. My experience lies in teaching both the foundation as well as the advanced concepts related to creative pursuits, be it for personal leisure based learning or for professional courses and career requirements. 

I run my own design studio in Dwarka Sector-7 where you can join me to pursue your interest in art, craft and design. I have successfully taught and mentored a number of students over the years and have helped them gain knowledge, skills and confidence to follow their creative passions. Over the years, I have also conducted numerous workshops and events related to art, craft and design in Delhi-NCR. 

If you’re looking for professional art and craft classes in Dwarka or design lessons in West Delhi, simply fill the contact form on my website and I’ll get in touch with you. Whether you are a parent looking for creative art classes for kids or a student who wants to get into design as a career choice, I can help you achieve your goals with confidence and clarity. 


Professional Coaching

I provide both pottery/painting classes as well as professional coaching for design entrance exams like NID DAT, NIFT among other colleges and institutions. Contact me and let me help you bring out the artist in you! 

  • Years of teaching experience

  • Diverse subject knowledge and expertise

  • Professional teaching aptitude 

  • Friendly and Positive environment


Professional Art, Craft and Design Coaching in Dwarka

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