I am a teacher who helps students get grades and become learners for life.

About Me

I am Ratandeep Kaur – a professional with a passion to teach and educate. I hold a B.Sc. degree in Statistics Hons. and also an MBA in HR and IT.

I teach all subjects to Primary (1st to 5Th) and Secondary (6th to 10th) class students. I also provide specialized coaching and tuition in Accounts, Biology, Chemistry, Economics, English, Maths and Physics.

Teaching is my passion and I get immense satisfaction in providing my knowledge and understanding of subjects with students. Be it for primary or secondary school, I offer complete range of home tuition for all subjects.


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My Expertise

As a believer in learning and education, I provide complete school home tuition in Delhi to children of all age groups. My expertise lies in my versatile ability and knowledge in teaching.


Why Learn From Me

If you are looking for a CBSE expert home tutor in Delhi, here are some reasons why I can give your child the right knowledge.

  1. Professional Attitude
  2. Strong Subject Knowledge
  3. Focus on Understanding
  4. Personalized Approach

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