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I am an online educator, teaching  Mathematics  to students of grades 8th to 10th.   

 Over the past 32 years, I have instilled mathematical skills in more than 15000 students. I have mastered techniques, formulated tips, and tricks to make mathematics simple and exciting.

Making lessons as per the Childs'  Math ability is my forte. My focus is to help students comprehend Math concepts with certainty and score good grades in school exams with a strong establishment of the subject.

For parents who are looking for reputed Maths  tutors , feel free to contact me . 

Revision Lectures for class 10 will  start from Feb 1st.



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Do you want to score good marks?

Do you want to score good marks? Do you want to get confident with your knowledge? If yes, I can help you understand the subject called Maths in detail and make you go on the path to success. My experience has helped many students overcome their fear and achieve good marks in school. 


I love to help students in understanding maths by making it simple. Making maths understandable as per the child's ability is my forte. I encourage critical thinking and inquiry-based learning. Over the years I have mastered the techniques to formulate tips and tricks to make maths exciting and fun.


So, what are you waiting for? Contact me today and let me help you get better and successful. Try my Maths classes once, you sure won’t be disappointed!