About Us

Welcome to Kashik Dance Academy - the place where dancers are made. 


We believe dance is poetry in motion, and if you believe the same, it’s time to bring out the dancer in you today! We provide dance classes to kids and adults and help them express themselves through the beauty of dance. 


Kashik Dance Academy was started years ago with a dream to push forward the love of dance. Our aim has been to help students learn both the basics as well as the advanced concepts of dancing, and so far, we’ve helped countless students of all age groups get better at dancing. 


If you want to learn a new hobby or follow your passion of becoming a professional dancer, contact Kashik Dance Academy in Patnacity, Patna today. Let our expert dance teachers and trainers hone your dance moves and make you rock the stage with confidence.

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What are you waiting for? Contact Kashik Dance Academy

Our dance lessons are practical, affordable and enjoyable for everyone - so what are you waiting for? Contact Kashik Dance Academy in Patna and bring out the dancer in you. 


We provide a range of dance lessons for every style like - hip hop, zumba, aerobic, freestyle, classical dance and many more. Visit our courses section to find more details about the different styles of dance you can learn with us. 

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