Kamesh Addams

About Me

Want to know the amazing feeling of having a creative hobby in your life? 


Welcome to my online space - I am Kamesh Addams, a singer, dancer and musician. My aim in life is to promote the joy of learning something new and that is why I play and teach my skills to others. 

If you love singing or music and want to learn it too, contact me! I can offer you the right training and coaching to hone your skills. With me, learning will be fun and I can assure you’ll make progress in the right way. 

My experience in performing goes a long way - I have been singing, dancing and playing guitar in bands as well as in solo performances. I have participated in numerous events and competitions to hone my skills. 

Testimonials for Kamesh Adams

One of the best teachers to learn from. I like his teaching style



Kamesh Addams is a fun and easy going teacher. Highly professional too



I have known him for a few years, he’s really good as a teacher and musician



Express Yourself Through Singing, Dancing or Music

If you too want to express yourself through singing, dancing or music - now’s the time! Contact me today and I will share my knowledge with you. 

Learn now and experience the joy of having a creative hobby in your life.