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Benefits of Guitar

Learning a musical instrument like guitar is a good way to develop your creative thinking. Music is also a great stress-buster and playing an instrument like guitar will help you keep stress and anxiety at bay. If you are looking for the best guitar classes to learn, it’s the right time to start your musical journey.
The benefits of playing guitar are multiple – from improved finger dexterity to better brain power, playing guitar will not only give you a medium for creative expression but will also improve your physical and mental health. To add variety to your guitar playing, you can try learning different styles and genres of music like – rock, metal, pop, classical, folk etc.

How to choose the right Guitar classes and music institutes in Delhi with MillionCenters

Are you ready to learn guitar and express yourself musically? Finding the top guitar classes and music institutes near you is simple and easy with Delhi is home to many guitar classes for kids and adults and now you can easily search for the best music institutes to learn guitar in Delhi. Whether you are a complete beginner or an intermediate level learner, we can help you connect with the right guitar classes and music academies near you.
Simply search for your locality and area and then choose from our lists of the best guitar class in Delhi to match your needs. Find, explore and connect with the top professional guitar teachers and music academies courses near you and also learn about the timings, course structure, fees, schedule and facilities. Start your musical journey with and play your favorite tunes on a guitar.

Freqently Asked Questions

1. Do music classes for guitar offer weekend batches?

Ans - Yes, most of the music classes for guitar offer weekend batches. It is recommended to inquire with the administration about the various batches available.

2. Will I learn to play songs of my choice?

Ans - Yes, until the classes are done with basic lessons, you will be allowed to play songs of your choice.

3. Do I need to carry my own guitar or will I be provided one at the classes?

Ans- Some classes require you to carry your own guitar while others provide you one for practice. It is best to check with the classes before enrolling.

4. What is the fees charged by music classes for guitar?

Ans- Music classes for guitar in Delhi charge an approximate fee ranging from Rs. 1200 to Rs. 3500 per month.