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With MillionCenters, it has never been easier to become a ‘tutor’ or a ‘center’ and connect with learners and students online.

Create your profile to share your skills and experience with people looking to learn what you can teach.

With MillionCenters, you can –

  •   Reach More Students and Learners
  •   Manage your business online
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is MillionCenters?

MillionCenters is an online platform that helps tutors, teachers, coaching institutes and learning centers to promote themselves. We provide an organized space where you can easily create your online listing, list your services, build your unique online identity and promote yourself to attract more students.

In addition to our online platform, MillionCenters also provides a range of software solutions to help tuition centers and coaching institutes to manage their business easily and effectively.

How will I benefit from joining MillionCenters?

Joining MillionCenters as a tutor/trainer/coaching institute has multiple benefits.

1. You can establish your own online presence.

2. Students and Learners can easily find you through us

3. You can easily promote and advertise yourself.

4. You can use software solutions to run and manage your teaching business smoothly.

How it Works?

You can join MillionCenters in 3 easy steps –

Step 1: Visit our website or Download our app

Step 2: Go to 'Join Us' or 'Sign Up' option and create your free profile

Step 3: Update your profile and fill in all your details as a tutor/center owner/coaching institute.

How can I promote my tuition/coaching business with MillionCenters?

Promoting your tuition/coaching business with MillionCenters is easy and simple.

All you need to do is follow 3 steps:

Step 1: Create your free profile as a tutor/teacher or as a coaching institute/coaching center

Step 2: Complete all your details and give full information about your location, fees, timings etc.

Step 3: Choose from our online promotion plans and advertise your listing to students near your area.

Is if free to join MillionCenters?

Yes, we are a community driven online platform for tutors, teachers and learning centers. We are here to help teachers

promote themselves smartly so you are invited to create your free profile today.

Is it important to update my profile information?

Yes. Students trust teachers and tutors who provide complete information about themselves. It is recommend that you must provide details about your location, fees, timings, educational experience, teaching background and facilities. This will help people to trust you and will also benefit you in promoting your listing with MillionCenters.

How will students/learners find me?

Thousands of students visit our online platform to find most suitable tutors/teachers and learning centers near them. If you have created your tutor/coaching institute profile on MillionCenters, students nearby your location who are searching for tutors like you can easily find and connect with you.

Do I have to pay any commission to get leads?

No. We don't believe in charging commission from you. MillionCenters is an online platform that aims to bridge the gap between learners and teachers. If anyone contacts you, they can get in touch with you directly as we don't charge any fees or commission for that.

How can MillionCenters help me grow my teaching/tutoring business?

We're glad you asked! As an online platform for teachers and tutors, our aim is to provide every tutor an organized way to promote themselves.

MillionCenters can help you grow your teaching business in the following ways:

1. Create your free listing with us to be found online by students in your area.

2. Use our online promotion packs to establish your unique online presence and attract students.

3. Use our advanced software tools to easily run and manage your teaching business without hassles.

What type of software and tools do your provide for teachers and coaching institutes?

Whether you are a school teacher or a hobby class owner, we provide a suite of easy-to-use software tools and modules to help you run, manage and promote your teaching business easily.

If you are interested to learn more, please contact us via email or give us a call.

How do I improve my profile score?

To improve your profile score on MillionCenters, simply start updating information on your profile. The more information you provide, the higher is your profile score.

Start with basic information and then go on to fill advanced information like – Photos, Aadhar Card, Educational Background, Certifications, Student Reviews and other important factors.

Tutors/Institutes with higher profile scores are given priority by us. So, you should really invest time in getting a desirable profile score (preferably above 90%) to stand out from other teachers/institutes in your area.

Please note that your profile score is not permanent. It will keep on updating based on your performance and overall perception on our platform.

How will students contact me?

If a student finds your profile on MillionCenters, they can easily contact you. Once they do, you will automatically get a notification on your email or in your inbox (if you have downloaded our app).

What is MillionCenters?

We're glad you asked! MillionCenters is an online platform that helps you search, explore and connect with verified tutors, teachers, institutes and hobby centers near you.

Whether you are looking for a school teacher or a music or dance trainer near you, join MillionCenters and start searching for the best learning resources near you today.

It's free, easy and simple to learn something new now!

How will I benefit from it?

In today's age, information is in abundance but time and money are scarce.

If you have ever tried to find a reliable tutor/hobby center near you before, you probably know how difficulty and frustrating it is to search on multiple websites, rely on fake reviews and find incomplete information that doesn't help your decision making.

With MillionCenters, you can now find verified tutors, institutes and learning centers near you. Plus, you get to learn about them with genuine customer reviews written by real people like you. You can also compare different profiles to find the right tutor/institute to match your needs!

No matter what you want to learn – with the MillionCenters app, finding the right teacher and learning something new is super simple, easy and time saving.

What can I learn using MillionCenters?

From academics and professional courses to hobbies and vocational courses, thousands of teachers, tutors, institutes and hobby centers are listed on MillionCenters.

So, you can easily learn anything from a much required professional course to a fun, creative hobby for your weekend. Simply register yourself as a learner/student with us and find the most suitable teachers and learning centers near you today.

Learning something new is simple, easy and free with MillionCenters!

Is it free to use MillionCenters to find a tutor or learning center?

Yes. It is free and will always be. Start learning something new now!

How can I find tutors/teachers and learning centers near my location?

To find your nearest tutor/teacher/institute or learning center, simply follow three steps listed below:

1. Create your free profile and register yourself as a ‘seeker' or ‘learner'.

2. Search for the category/activity/course you want to learn

3. Filter your search by choosing the ‘Nearby' button or enter your ‘Pincode' to get nearby results.

How can I create my account on MillionCenters?

You can register yourself as a learner/seeker with MillionCenters using your email ID. You can also choose to sign up using your Facebook/LinkedIn account as well.

What if I don't find any tutors/teachers to match my specific need or requirement?

In the rare scenario if you are unable to find a suitable teacher/tutor or learning center that fits your needs, you can submit your unique requirements on MillionCenters.

Once we have your requirement, our team will start searching on your behalf. Once we find a suitable tutor/teacher that matches your needs, we will contact you.

I also want to teach as I learn. Can I do that?

Yes. If you are interested to join MillonCenters both as a teacher and learner, simply drop us an email. You can also contact our customer support team for guidance.

Can I submit my student reviews on MillionCenters?

Yes you can and we would really appreciate if you submit your genuine feedback in the form of a student review.

Reviews help us improve the quality of teachers/tutors on our platform and it also guides future students who might be interested in learning from the same teacher/institute.

Is my personal information like contact details and address secure?

Yes. Your information belongs to you and we take utmost care to ensure it stays that way.

MillionCenters neither advertises nor shares any of your personal information on our platform in any way. Your personal information is not used for promotion in any form because we believe in complete transparency and privacy.