Your guide to the Best Pottery Classes and Courses in Delhi

Your guide to the Best Pottery Classes and Courses in Delhi

  • Bharat Sharma
  • 25/06/2018

One of the oldest activities and a quintessential part of mankind's evolution, pottery is not only an occupation but also a creative and fun hobby.

If you're in the mood to develop a hand at pottery (no pun) or simply learn a stress-busting hobby, it's time to look at the best pottery classes in Delhi that'll help you get closer to your goal. 


Clay is a material that requires skill and practice to mould properly and that's why you will need the right set of learning and training. 

Joining a pottery course at a fine art institute in the city is a great way to cultivate a creative hobby.  

If you're all set to start, check out the best pottery classes and courses in Delhi -


#1 Delhi Blue Pottery


Established in 1952 by India's premier potter Padmashree Sardar Gurchan Singh, this is one of the best pottery studios in Delhi.

Here you can learn a great deal about the basics as well as advanced skills and techniques used in pottery making. There are two sessions every day and learners can apply directly to be a part of this community. 


Be it the lectures from eminent potters or a hands-on demonstration from clay artists - if you are searching for pottery classes in South Delhi, this one is a great place to start!

The teaching methodology is professional and you can expect to imbibe the right knowledge and skills for ceramics from the top pottery artists in Delhi. 


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#2 The Clay Company



A niche art company intended to bring together creative people and promote the art of pottery and ceramics, the Clay Company offers the right environment, teachers and courses to learners interested in honing their pottery skills in Delhi. 

With a mission to make the art of clay popular among people, you can choose from a variety of pottery courses, classes and workshops at their studio in Nehru Place.


An average learning session here lasts between 2-2.5 hours and they offer both morning as well as evening classes along with basic inclusions clay, aprons, dusters etc.

Plus, you also get a 'taster' or demo class here to test your mettle for the art of moulding! 


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#3 Earthern Aura Ceramics


Being creative is not just a hobby, it's a way of life and that's what the team at Earthern Aura Ceramics believes in.

Designed for various age groups and skill levels, the professional pottery courses and workshops offered at Earthern Aura Ceramics are perfect for both beginners as well as intermediate level learners.


Whether you are looking at pottery as a hobby or want to take it up as a professional career choice, the right mix of theory and application at Earthern Aura Ceramics will give you the right platform.

Their exhibitions and workshops are held at Indian Habitat Centre, Global Arts Village, Osho World Galleria, All India Fine Art and Craft Society and Stainless Gallery in Delhi and you can visit these to get a glimpse of their art and talent. 


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#4 Kalasthali Art and Craft



Searching for a fine art institute in Delhi? Kalasthali Art and Craft is the right place to try your hand at pottery and get familiar with clay modelling, clay moulding, wheel pottery and more such techniques. 

If your creative soul is eager to learn pottery, there are a variety of classes provided by Kalasthali Art and Craft school in Delhi in addition to providing you with raw material needed for learning. 


Offering a variety of hobby classes for adults as well as kids, Kalasthali Art School is located in Vasant Kunj, South Delhi and you can learn more about their faculty, fee structure and customer testimonials below. 


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#5 Maati Srijan


One of the leading pottery design and clay studio in Delhi, Maati Srijan was established to promote the art of pottery and allow people a creative outlet to showcase handmade pottery products and ceramic arts.

If you are an aspiring potter, you can easily sign up for summer workshops and pottery training internships at this ceramic studio in Delhi. 


Located in IP Extension, Maati Srijan will help you learn a variety of clay modelling, moulding and a variety of ceramic techniques, both for beginners as well as intermediate level potters.

You can contact this craft studio below and learn more about their pottery courses, timings and fee structures.  


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Ready to Live the Crafty Life?



Whether you are interested for short-term pottery courses or simply want to pursue pottery as a hobby for life, these pottery courses and classes in Delhi are the right avenues for learning.

Pottery is not only a therapeutic way to relax and beat stress but is also a fun and creative hobby that can be moulded into a profession with practice! 


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Pick your favorite pottery classes and centers in Delhi and let the learning begin!


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