Winter Workout Plan

Winter Workout Plan

  • Bharat Sharma
  • 16/12/2016

Shedding those extra and unwanted pounds from your body can be a herculean task, especially in the season of winters, when all you crave for is hibernation and the delectable meals prepared during Christmas holidays.

However, cocooning yourself in a warm blanket or gorging yourself with food will never help you melt that stubborn fat off your stomach or thighs. Sad but true. So what do we do now?

Well, to begin with, we got to make a resolution to really get ourselves out there and put our bloated bodies through a rigorous exercise routine. A balanced, fat-free and healthy diet will also prove to be highly conducive to attain the body that can be fitted into a gorgeous outfit!

Hence, for beginners, chart out a 'Winter Workout Plan' including :

a) The sleeping time and hours in a day,

b) The amount of water intake (about 2 liters per day),

c) Minimum 30 minutes of exercise (which could include brisk walking, jogging, cycling, cardio or even yoga) and

d) Adding essential foods to your daily diet.

Does it really seem that herculean? Let’s break it down for you!


1) For the Love of Sleep




If you are really keen on getting rid of that flab, hitting the sack is just as important as sweating at the gym or doing aerobics. Various studies claim that an adequate amount of sleep is instrumental in burning more calories. So yes, no social networking or YouTubing till late hours and always try to wake up fresh so that you are ready conquer the world !



*Time to hit the snooze button*


2) Water Yourself Well




In winters, if you drink at least 2-3 of water every day, it induces detoxification and helps in increasing the metabolic rate, which further allows the body to burn more calories. Not only water does wonders for your metabolism, it also gives you glowing skin and healthy hair in winters. Drink a glass of warm water with lemon and honey at the crack of dawn everyday and thank us later!




3) Sweat That Body




A Winter Workout Plan is incomplete without a daily dose of physical exercises. In winters, our bodies have a tendency to pile up more fat than the usual and this is the season in which everybody tends to eat like a glutton. This calls for an alarming need to do away with that extra fat immediately that our bodies store. Otherwise, it would be an enormous task to get back to your summer bodies.




4) You Are What You Eat




Are freezing hands and constant cold stopping you from enjoying the winters? Do you often fall sick in winters? Add nuts, cinnamon, garlic and honey to your daily diet and stay warm and protected during the season. These super foods are immensely helpful in keeping your immune system in top form and infections at bay!



Think about the possible results once you actually get on with your workout plan. Envisage how charming and desirable you could actually end up looking!

A Winter Workout Plan like this will reinforce a healthy and positive body image which will not only boost your energy but also enhance your overall mood. With improved immunity, detoxification and blood flow, you will experience a drop in your stress and anxiety levels as well.

Have any other winter workout tips to share? Drop us a line in the comments section below !

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