Why Singing and Music are important for child growth

Why Singing and Music are important for child growth

  • 19/10/2019

Children are born creative and artistic. A baby starts feeling rhythm in the mother’s womb through her heartbeat. Every child has a special innate talent is born with them and can be nurtured. That is why we have all seen young children dance and sing with a huge smile on their faces.

Singing and dancing are a part of every young child’s personality.

However, with due time and age, children tend to lose their sense of rhythm, leisure and joy associated with singing and dancing. The natural creativity and love for song and dance is lost to pressures of growing up and other aspects.

As parents, it’s your duty to make sure your child keeps their love for dance and music alive. It’s the moral responsibility of parents to encourage children to express themselves through singing, dancing and music.

But in the present time and era, even parents don’t have enough time to nurture creative talents in their kids. So, how can they let the imagination of their kids soar the skies?

The answer is – by making their kids join a hobby class.

Hobby classes are a great way to nourish the inner creativity in kids – whether it’s singing, dancing or playing a musical instrument, children love to be a part of hobby activities.

If you are a parent and you are reading this, here are the surprising benefits of singing, music and dancing for your child’s growth –

  • Singing develops confidence and stage presence
  • Dancing enhances the hand-eye coordination required for proper muscle growth
  • Playing music relieves stress and improves social skills

These three and many more reasons are why every parent should encourage their child to join a hobby class near them. In the 21st century, children need to be versatile, smart and open-minded and guess what, having a hobby can help them achieve their true potential.

But where do parents start? After all, there are numerous singing and music classes in Delhi to choose from!

If you are living in West Delhi, the answer to the above question became a lot easier.


Delhi Studio is Perfect for Learning Music and Dance

Delhi Studio is a premier dance and music institute in West Delhi. Led by a team of professional and passionate teacher, it is a one-stop hobby centre for kids of all age groups.

If you want to encourage a creative hobby like dance, Delhi Studio offers dance classes for famous dance forms like – Indian and Western classical.

For parents, who are interested to nurture the musical ability in their children, Delhi Studio offers music lessons for instruments like – guitar, flute, tabla, keyboard and many more.

Any child can reach their creative potential under the expert guidance and mentorship of the dance and music faculty at Delhi Studio. If you are searching for hobby classes in West Delhi for kids, your search ends at Delhi Studio.

Visit their website to book the first class!

If you are curious, read what some parents have to say about Delhi Studio


My son wanted to learn the keyboard and his dream was made possible by the expert music faculty at Delhi Studio” – Sunita Jain


I have always considered singing and music as integral to children’s growth. Luckily, a friend recommended Delhi Studio to me and I am glad that they exist. My daughter never misses a single hobby class!” – Vandana Luthra


“As parents, it’s important to give your child the right learning environment. I read about Delhi Studio online and decided to book a class. Right from the studio to the teachers, everything is professional and fun here. I’m happy and satisfied.” – Renuka Mehta


So, now, it’s time for you to take the first step – give your child the right environment, teachers and opportunity to develop their passion for singing and music. Contact Delhi Studios today and give wings to your child’s imagination!

Location: Tilak Nagar and Tagore Garden


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