Why just having a Facebook page would not guarantee you success on social media

Why just having a Facebook page would not guarantee you success on social media

  • Bharat Sharma
  • 03/04/2019

1.5 billion people in the world are active on Facebook every day.

If you are a tuition teacher or a hobby teacher – spending time on Facebook for promoting yourself makes sense.

Whether you already have a Facebook page or you are about to start it – Facebook marketing can help you tell people about your lessons and classes.

But how can you make sure Facebook marketing is working for your brand/business page?

Just having a Facebook page won’t guarantee you success - success means people engaging with your content, visiting your website or contacting you for products and services.

Whether you are a yoga trainer or a tuition teacher – if you want to grow your teaching business and attract more students through social media, here are some Facebook marketing tips for tutors -


1. Be Creative

If you have a Facebook page to promote your lessons, chances are, other tutors will have their own page too.

So, how can you make sure people like and engage with your posts?

No, it’s not related to the total number of ‘likes’ or ‘follower’ on your tuition/coaching page.

Creativity is the first step to make sure you stand out from the crowd and attract more students.

Creativity in your content (graphics, banners, videos) is the easiest way to keep your audiences engaged with your page.

The simple rule is - the more engaging your posts are the more number of likes, shares and comments it will attract.

However, creativity isn’t easy – it takes lots of practice, knowledge and expertise to constantly come up with creative content.

Plus, you must know how to design social media posts, how to use the right captions and hashtags and most importantly, when and how to post your content.


2. Run Paid Promotions

In the recent years, Facebook has reduced organic reach of posts.

You must be wondering – what exactly is organic reach?

Basically, organic reach is the total number of people who have seen your posts without you spending any money on promotion.

Organic reach on Facebook has been declining which means pages now have to run paid ads or promote their post to reach more people.

This means you must allocate a certain marketing budget to your Facebook promotion.

It can be a weekly/monthly/annual budget that goes in boosting your page, your posts and reaching out to new audiences to get more likes and shares.

In case you are wondering what if you don’t run ads, will it really make a difference?

Finding new followers on Facebook is now tough - if you don’t promote your posts, your competitor will do and attract your share of target audience.

Running ads on Facebook is easy – but to get desired results, you must have the right knowledge and skills to spend your marketing money smartly.



3. Get More Engagement

The secret to build a successful tutoring/teaching business using Facebook is – the higher is your page engagement, the better are your chances of conversion.

For those who don’t know, conversion means the total number of people who call you, buy your products or use your services through your Facebook page/profile.

To ensure higher conversion rates through your Facebook page, you need to get more engagement on your posts.

Here are some steps to increase your Facebook page engagement:

  1. Create good, creative and useful content
  2. Post when your users are most active
  3. Use features like ‘Facebook Live’ and ‘Facebook Stories’
  4. Boost (promote) your top posts

To ensure good engagement rate on your Facebook business page, you must be active and aware about all the above techniques.


How to effectively and easily use your Facebook page to attract more students

As a teacher, time is your most important asset.

Teaching students takes time, managing your classes takes time, communicating with parents takes time – so how can you find the time to promote your Facebook page easily?

Now that you are familiar with what it takes to successfully use your Facebook page to promote your tuition/coaching business – let us tell you that we can help you take charge of your social identity and grow your teaching business.

MillionCenters is an online platform to help tutors, teachers and coaching institutes manage their business smartly and attract more students.

Our team of social media experts and content creators can help you with the following:

  1. Creating interesting, useful and creative content (posts, graphics, banners and videos)
  2. Promoting and distributing content in the right areas at the right time
  3. Running and managing ads and your business page professionally
  4. Replying to comments, queries and inquiries on your behalf


So, what are you waiting for?

Don’t waste your precious time on learning new tricks – focus on teaching (your strength) and outsource your social media marketing and promotion to us (our strength).  

Our online promotion packs are designed to help tutors and teachers establish/maintain an impressive social media presence.

MillionCenters can help you in: 

  1. Creating the right content,
  2. Engaging better with your audience and
  3. Attracting more students and learners to your classes.

It’s a win-win for everyone!

Interested to give it a try? Join us now and we will get in touch with you!


Simply ‘existing’ on Facebook as a brand or business isn’t enough – the competition is tough and if you want to stand out, you must do a lot of things correctly.


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