Why just having a business card will not help you grow your teaching business

Why just having a business card will not help you grow your teaching business

  • Bharat Sharma
  • 05/04/2019

Ten years before today, business cards made sense. They were the easiest and only way to tell students about your classes, lessons or coaching institute.

For years, every business considered printing a card to promote themselves and tell people about their services.

Today in the digital age, just having a business card and expecting people to join your classes doesn’t make sense.

After all, students (and parents) today are smarter than ever. They rely on the online presence of tutors, social media profiles and word-of-mouth reviews to make a decision.

Does that mean the business card isn’t relevant anymore?

Not necessarily.

But if you are a tutor/teacher only relying on your business card to attract students – you are missing out on a lot of growth and success.




So, what is it that you can do in addition to having your business card?

Here are 3 assets you can have to exchange information about your services and business –

Your Own Website

The information you share on a fancy piece of paper (a.k.a. your business card) is limited to only a few details – your name, address, contact details and your services.

Now imagine having your own tuition/coaching website which can show (and tell) people tons of useful information.

With your own website, you can share:

  1. Your projects/experience
  2. Student testimonials
  3. Gallery/Images
  4. Details about your courses/lessons

and so much more...

This is why having a website is the best investment you can make as a tutor/teacher.

If you want to tell more students (and their parents) about what you teach and how you can help them – a website is the best way to showcase yourself as a professional, reliable and experienced teacher.

Take your website as your window to the online world – once people start knowing about what you have to offer, they will be more interested in buying or trying what you are selling.

In Short: Website > Business Card.


Your Social Media Presence

A website alone won’t help you attract more students.

Wondering why is that so?

Because students today are spending more time than ever on social media sites. From Facebook and Instagram to Quora and LinkedIn, everyone is connected in an online web.

This means if you want to grow your teaching business and get more students – you too need to have your own social media presence.

Some of you might say – “What’s the value of social media when I already have students with me?

Fair point if you only want to grow in small steps.

However, if you want to grow your teaching business quickly and establish credibility, having a Facebook page and a LinkedIn profile can be a good start.

With the power of content (images, graphics, videos) you can easily set yourself apart from other tutors who are not using social media.

Social media will help you grow your online reach – you can even run ads to attract people nearby your area and convert them into your students!

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In Short: Social Media > Business Card


Your Tutoring App

Business cards make sense – but they are boring and old.

In the digital age, there’s an app for everything. From finding and ordering food, cabs, groceries, fashion, household stuff...people have the power to connect with services through their smart phone.

What if you could reach out to these people with your own app?

Wouldn’t it be great if people could find your app and start taking your lessons online?

Yes, building an app takes a lot of time, effort and money. We understand that.

So, what is the best solution for tutors who want to teach online and promote themselves?

Three steps you can take:

  1. Firstly, you can join an online platform like MillionCenters that can help you build your unique online presence.


  1. Secondly, you can start using apps for tutors on a commission basis and teach students online.



  1. Thirdly, you can even start uploading your online classes as videos on YouTube. This way you can quickly share the link to your video lectures to anyone who you want to reach out to.


In short: Tutoring App > Business Card


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So should you throw your business cards already?

Probably not. Business cards are still useful and they definitely are an easy way to share information about what you teach and where you teach.

However, easy doesn’t always mean efficient.

Business cards are good way to stay connected – but they aren’t the best way to attract students and grow your teaching business.

If you want to gain maximum results and return on your marketing money – we suggest you to follow the three steps discussed above.

Whether you are a music teacher, a yoga teacher or a school teacher – having your unique online presence through social media, website or an app is the quickest way to separate yourself from others.

If you meet a student (or parent) physically, handing out your business card makes sense.

But as we discussed – it is not possible to meet every student in the real world (most of your potential customers are online!)

Once you start promoting your teaching services through your own website, you will get the desired results. It’s a matter of time – but you will soon be able to earn more as a teacher.

Till then, we recommend you to keep your card close to your chest!

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