Why Failure Is More Important Than Success

Why Failure Is More Important Than Success

  • Bharat Sharma
  • 05/06/2017

Success is overrated. We have becomes so obsessed with being ‘successful’ that we have forgotten the real value of failure. In short, failure is highly underrated.

Allow me to explain why.

Picture This -  A young boy who was a mediocre student, was constantly bullied in school for his weaknesses, troubled at home due to an abusive father, got rejected at many job interviews, ultimately grew up to become a man of net worth 13 billion USD and now owns three revolutionary companies.

No kidding.

The boy (now, man) is - Elon Musk.

A man who failed so much and so many times in life that he has now let success come to his arms, bowing down to his resilience and endless drive.

Let us look at how Elon Musk is the perfect personification of a man measured more by his failures than success.

Tracing back to his journey, Musk says that his childhood was 'horrible' and he wanted to 'get away from it like a bad dream'. He had missed opportunities due to his 'shy' nature and was even fired from his own co-founded company (Zip2) by the board of directors. According to them, he failed.

Next came his venture, where due to an argument with the CTO (Chief Technical Officer) of his company PayPal, he was ousted from his own company by the investors.

What a failure.

Soon after, he continued working on different ideas and companies while his personal life took a turn for the wrong. He survived a car crash, a near death malaria attack while he was on a vacation and most unfortunate and severest of them all - lost his 10 weeks old son to infant death syndrome.

Failed at life?

During this period in life, he had formed a vision to build rockets and spaceships which he learned by reading upto 10 hours in a day. His pursuit of building a rocket that can go to Mars brought him to Russia. After he found the Russian price for a space rocket to be 'too expensive', he decided to start his own company 'Space X' to make affordable rockets.  Post which he sold his company PayPal for money and starts to plan about developing electric cars. Thus, Tesla Motors was founded in 2003. Ultimately, there came a time when he had to go into deep debt to save his company.

Almost failing again.

If all of this isn't a long and convincing list of failures, nothing is.

Elon Musk is a perfect example of how failures are an important part of tasting real success in life. He witnessed setbacks, roadblocks at every stage yet he didn't see 'failure' as everyone else does. He simply perceived it as an obstacle in his ultimate goal and overpowered it to keep moving forward.

It sounds a LOT simpler than it really is. Most people don't even have the courage to look at life in a positive way after failing.

So, how exactly does failure help when it can shake you to your inner core and leave you with crippling self-doubt in life?

The answer is in your mind.

If you perceive every failure as a reason to try harder and move faster towards your goals, failure will give your strength and self confidence. There is no teacher better than experience and you can only gain experience, once you start taking risks and are willing to fail better.

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To quote Musk here - "Failure is a necessity. If things are not failing, you aren't innovating."

The key is to learn from every failure and not give up. If you are clear of what you want, never stop trying.

Stop dreaming about success if you are not ready to taste failure. Learn to fail successfully in life and you will understand why failures are the real stepping stones to success. Be the master of your own destiny and never let a failure set you back. Sure, you can rest but never stop walking and working towards the path which takes you to your dreams.

"The best view comes only after the final climb"


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