Why Embroidery is an Exciting Hobby Anyone Can Learn

Why Embroidery is an Exciting Hobby Anyone Can Learn

  • Bharat Sharma
  • 19/09/2017

One of the amazing hobbies anyone can learn, Embroidery is the art of embroidering cloth to make beautiful patterns, designs and embellishments in various shapes and sizes. A perfect art and craft hobby, we have all seen our mothers and grandmothers with embroidery needles and fabrics, haven’t we?

Thankfully, Embroidery as a hobby has resurged in the past years and even teens and adults are making time from their schedule to create embroidered clothes, socks, quilts and so much more! By using innovative designs and creative shapes, youngsters are turning to this hobby to express themselves in an artsy way.

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You thought Embroidery is something better left for the old and boring? Think Again!

Here are some reasons why Embroidery can be an exciting hobby as well as help you in earning good income:

Creativity Calling

Learning embroidery is one of the best ways to polish your creative abilities. It gives you the option to explore with several colors of thread. The best part is that there is a single method of embroidery. Once you learn the basic concepts of embroidery, you can experiment with several designs and enhance your artwork in an individualistic and creative way.

Friends Are Fun

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Just like any other hobby, Embroidery can help you connect with people and make new friends If you have been killing your time by gossiping and watching TV then do something fruitful and make friends who are equally creative. To get started, you can join a embroidery class to connect with people who share the same interest and passions as you.

Money Matters

Various NGOs and Skill Centers have helped women in rural areas in learning embroidery and earn their livelihood by creating indigenous art and craft products. If you too are someone who wants to make an income out of their hobby, embroidery is a perfect way to give wings to your financial ambitions. Be it an e-commerce website or private embroidery lessons, if you master the art of embroidery, it can open new avenues for revenue in no time! Plus, learning embroidery is an affordable hobby for all.

Time Well Spent            

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Whether you are a teenager or a working woman with a lot of free time on your hand, learning embroidery is a simple yet amazingly beautiful way to spend your leisure time and keep yourself engaged. Joining Embroidery classes is a fun activity that will help you stay away from the constant glare of screen and to allow you a creative outlet to make bracelets, ribbons, clothes and so much more!

Beat That Stress

It is no surprise that hobbies are an amazing way to beat stress and keep anxiety at bay. If you are looking for creative ways to beat stress, embroidery is a cool hobby that you can learn. Akin to painting, embroidery is a pleasure-inducing pastime that will help you give shape to your unique ideas. So, if you are looking to enjoy life more, learn embroidery as a hobby that keeps you happy and fresh!

Peace, Please

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Unlike sewing machine, embroidery work is a quiet art. After a busy day, all one needs is few moments in peace and calm and a hobby is the best way to make time for such moments in your daily life. Unless as a group activity, embroidery is mostly personal and can be practiced daily in a peaceful environment while listening to music or watching television.

Portable Perfect

Learning how to embroider is an interesting hobby also because it is portable. You can carry your tools and materials from one place to another without much effort. Embroidery is a perfectly portable hobby that can be practiced anywhere with ease. So, if you aren’t the one who wants to invest in a lot of ‘bells and whistles’ (Read: Equipment), learn embroidery as a hobby that goes along with wherever you go!

Craft is Cool

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Embroidery can prove to be an extremely pleasurable hobby when you’ll be able to transform your home with beautiful and colorful embroidered artwork. A simple kurta or top converted into a colorful flower garden can be a beautiful gift for your loved ones. Learning the basics of embroidery can motivate you exploring the art more in a preferable and more delightful way and come up with your own creative DIY masterpieces!

The Takeaway

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You must find a hobby for yourself that soothes you in a more interesting and fruitful way. What can better be there than learning embroidery as a hobby? Revive those days and see how relaxing embroidery can be for you as well!

Has this already got your excited to join art and craft classes to learn embroidery?

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