Which is more fun Sudoku Puzzles or Crossword Puzzles

Which is more fun Sudoku Puzzles or Crossword Puzzles

  • 15/04/2020

Which is more fun? Sudoku Puzzles or Crossword Puzzles?

Different kinds of people like different kinds of puzzles.  Some people like to complete word puzzles, some people like number puzzles, while some people like regular jigsaw puzzles.  A question like which puzzle is more fun can only be answered in one fashion, which type do you like better?

What are Sudoku Puzzles?

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Sudoku puzzles are number puzzles.  There are many different types of ways to solve these puzzles but mostly all sudoku puzzles have a general form.  Most Sudoku puzzles are made up of boxes that contain 9 numbers. Each number can only be used one time. The kicker is that the number cannot be the same in any given row or column.  For example, columns would have to have numbers 1 – 9, but the numbers can be anywhere in the column as long as they are only used once. The rows and boxes are the same way.

What are Crossword Puzzles?

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Crossword puzzles are a little bit different, but similar to Sudoku puzzles.  Crossword puzzles are not number puzzles, they are word puzzles. In this case, you are given clues on the size of the puzzle and you have to guess the word based on the clues.  You can also count how many letters the words should be, which helps a little bit. The words are connected within the puzzle, so if you get one incorrect then the whole puzzle will be off.

Crossword puzzles have a significant brain boost when completed on a daily basis.  They help to build your memory and your brain function, but so does playing Sudoku.

Are these games pen and paper only?

No, neither one of these games is pen and paper only.  Both of these types of games can be found on the internet.  Finding these games on the internet saves trees and can save you money because most of the time they are on the internet for free.

What types of people like Sudoku?

The type of people who normally like Sudoku is numbers people.  You do not need math to complete a Sudoku puzzle, but it helps if you like numbers or have an affinity for them.  Words people do not normally care for number puzzles, even though the puzzles are kind of similar. It can be a difficult thing to look at numbers and complete a whole puzzle if you do not care for them. 

If you are not a numbers person you may still enjoy the occasional Sudoku puzzle, just not as much as your average numbers person.  Calculations and formulations are not needed for these puzzles, so it can be an enjoyable little task for anyone to complete, plus Sudoku has a large number of benefits for your brain.

What types of people like Crossword Puzzles?

The type of people who normally care for crossword puzzles is English and History people.  These types of people find it fun to try to use their vocabulary to solve puzzles, and that’s all crossword puzzles are vocabulary.  Basically, if you know the general meaning of a word, you can guess it.

Another type of person that likes Crossword puzzles is also normally a trivia fan.  Sometimes crossword puzzles throw in pop culture answers. It helps to be able to answer the questions about these to fill in your puzzle correctly.

How are these games similar?

These two games are actually very similar to each other.  They both have qualities that make them great and enjoyable games:

1.       They are brain building games. – These types of games help to improve brain function and memory.  Just one or the other every single day can help you to remember and think about things a lot better.  They get your brain working and firing all over the place. Games like these also help to make you a better critical thinker. 

2.       You need to be able to use your brain and knowledge to win at both games. – People who are critical thinkers will fair better at playing these types of games.  This is because it takes a critical thinker to figure out the placement in these games. It also takes someone who is a critical thinker to know when they have messed up.  Both types of these games can help you to become better at critically thinking about things. You will feel sharper and less foggy when you are making important decisions. 

3.       Both games help with Alzheimer’s and dementia problems. – If you are having issues with Alzheimer’s and dementia these puzzles might just be right for you.  Completing these puzzles every day help to improve brain function and memory skills. They also get your brain firing, which means they keep your brain healthy.   Brain health is one of the major factors in keeping your brain from getting diseased. 


4.       They are very relaxing games to play. – These games are known to be very relaxing and calming.  They can help you remove the day to day stress that you have to deal with, just by sitting down and completing a puzzle.  While you are completing a puzzle, your body is at rest, but your brain is still functioning, it is just not focusing on day to day tasks.  This gives your brain a small break while keeping it active. This will cause you to be a calmer and much more relaxed individual because you are doing something that you enjoy.

Can these games make you more social?

Playing Sudoku and Crossword puzzles can actually make you a more social person.  When you aren’t aware of the answer or how to find something, you are more likely to ask another human being for help.  Sudoku might make you less social than Crossword puzzles, simply because sometimes it’s harder to ask where a number goes than what a word is, but it happens, and people do still converse over these puzzles.

People also like to talk about playing these games.  You do not have to play these games by using a pen and a book, there are plenty of online Crosswords and Sudoku Puzzles.  These games are normally found on sites where you can chat with other people. There is normally a little sidebar that you can use to have conversations about the puzzles that you are working on.  Believe it or not, you might just find yourself a new friend that has the same interests as you.

Which game is actually more fun?

The answer is either one is equally as fun as the other.  There is not a majority of people that like playing Sudoku or prefer playing Crosswords, it is kind of 50/50.  The most basic answer to the reasoning behind this is that it depends on which you prefer, numbers or letters. The puzzles are almost the same puzzle.  What matters is your preference, how much fun you are going to have completing the puzzle. 

Some people do not like either type of puzzle.  Some people prefer a good old jigsaw to any kind of word or number puzzle.  These people are few and far between, which is why they are only a small factor in the decision. 

If I am a numbers person should I automatically choose Sudoku?

No, just because you might like numbers does not mean that you should automatically choose Sudoku.  The fact that you like numbers might help if you are to choose to complete a Sudoku puzzle, but that does not mean that you will like it better.  Just because you are good at something does not mean that you have to like it.

If I am a words person are Crosswords Puzzles best for me?

Not necessarily.  You might like words, you might have an extended vocabulary, but that does not mean Crosswords are for you.  You might not like to figure out a word from the clues, it just makes it easier to complete if you are a words person.  The fact that you might be a number or a words person makes the puzzles easier, it does not necessarily mean that you are going to care for one more than the other.  You also get benefits from enjoying both types of games.

Why is the decision so split?

The decision is split because it is an opinion, not a fact, and it can change at any moment.  Right now, neither is more popular than the other. Next year Sudoku might be more popular, it just depends on what people are actually playing right now.  At the present time, you can walk into any store to grab up a Sudoku or Crossword book and you will find both equally missing copies.

Are there people who play both?

There are people who play both types of puzzle equally as well, which doesn’t help to show which one is better or more fun.  This basically shows that some people just like puzzles, period. People like playing one of these puzzles as much as the other, and they pretty much have the same effect on brain function.  The decision is basically both puzzles are equally as fun as each other.


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