What is Geocaching and how you can try this hobby

What is Geocaching and how you can try this hobby

  • 11/06/2019

Geocaching, since its introduction in early 2000, has evolved as one of the fun hobby ideas at the present time.

In fact, more than a game, it has transitioned into a popular outdoor hobby among individuals.

According to official estimates, there are close to 3 million geocaches in urban as well as rural settings around the world that are waiting to be discovered.


What is Geocaching?



Geocaching is an outdoor adventure wherein a group of participants use a GPS device or a Geocaching app to locate hidden containers.

It is a fun game for those who have a knack of discovering something new or look for ways to test their skills of using a GPS device.

There are 190 countries around the world and the good news is that there is something hidden to be discovered in each of those countries.

Probably, there are some near you that you can discover right now.

Caches hidden all over the world include a number of items. Generally, they include the following objects:

  • Pen
  • Pencil
  • Logbook
  • Hodgepodge of trinkets
  • Disposable camera

Other geocachers stuff the hoard into a weatherproof box and hide it behind a tree, under a rock or in an urban spot.

Whether you think about families with children or retirees, geocaching has something for everyone. The reasons for taking to geocaching may vary from individual to individual, though.

The variation is primarily due to the difference in their objectives: while some geocachers play it to visit new places, others do so to simply find out how many new geocaches they can find or discover.

Regardless of one’s reason to choose the concept, the fact remains that it is one of the coolest ways to explore remarkable destinations which a commoner may not otherwise discover.

Still looking for a reason to get started with it?

If the aforementioned reasons are not enough, you can simply think of it as the perfect excuse to get yourself off the couch.

Geocaching for beginners

You can get started by creating a basic account either on the website geocaching.com or the Geocaching app; it is free of cost.

Whether you have just begun playing the game of has been at it for some time, it would keep you absorbed for hours.

Open up a geocache as and when you find one. Next, sign the logbook. Geocaches normally involve swag items such as trinkets, keychain or even small toys.

Once you spot a geocache, you are likely to find these or similar items. If you take any one of these things, then in accordance with the rules of the game, you are required to leave something of the same or a greater value.

Thereafter, you need to put the container back at the same place and share your experience on the internet with the other members of the geocaching community.

Here are some fundamental guidelines which every player should bear in mind:

  • Participants should not place caches in wilderness areas, national parks, or on private land without an approval.
  • Players should not trespass private property to reach a geocache without authorization or consent.
  • The inclusion or any inflammatory or offensive material in a cache is a no-no as it is strictly prohibited.
  • Players should try not to leave any trace as far as possible. For best results, they should consider treading softly.


Depending on the number of players involved in the game, it is subject to alterations. Still, there are some rules which one needs to stick to in order to make the most out of one’s participation in the game.

Geocaching is all about being efficient at locating the site of the cache using the information of the coordinates that are stored in the GPS receiver.

If you are planning to take part in it, all you need to do is push the mark button, call up a waypoint that has already been used and give it a new name.

Thereafter, you need to make some revision in the coordinates and save it to the memory of your GPS receiver. By doing so, you will be able to create a new waypoint. At the same time, you will also be able to retain the old one as well.

As for the coordinate system, you can either use the standard Degree Minutes Seconds (DMS) or Degree Decimal Minutes (DDM) or even the Universal Transverse Mercator (UTM).

No matter whichever option you choose, depending on your preferences, it is imperative that you have a sound knowledge of the latitude and longitude which you need to use.

This is of utmost importance to follow the hobby for geocaching in the right manner.


Geocaching essentials

What should you do to make your experience of the outdoor hobby a memorable one? Well, it does not necessitate one to splurge as it is one of the inexpensive hobbies on the planet.

However, carrying the essential stuff for it is as much important as following the basic rules or guidelines.

So, before you proceed with your decision to play the game, make a point of carrying the following items:

  • Water bottle
  • Flashlight
  • Cellphone
  • Camera
  • Extra batteries
  • Cache treasures
  • First-aid kit
  • Outerwear
  • Notebook and pens
  • Cache treasures


Prepare yourself in advance

You will come across plenty of information on the internet about geocaching. The wisest thing you can do on your part is to gather as much information as possible so you are prepared in advance.

You can do this with ease by investing some time in doing research on the Geocaching channel, on the geocaching blog or even a YouTube channel.


Reasons why geocaching is important

After getting a scoop into some of the key aspects related to geocaching, including the reasons why it features on the list of hobbies for fun, it is high time you knew why you should make it a habit.

Try the hobby for the following benefits:

  • Geocaching educates people to keep the environment tidy:
  • Geocaching trains individuals to be persistent
  • Geocaching indoctrinates equal trading
  • Geocaching edifies individuals to develop a passion

So, are you ready to reap the benefits of the hobby of geocaching?

Happy hunting! 

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