Want to Earn Extra Income as a Teacher? Here are 4 Proven Ways to Attract more Students

Want to Earn Extra Income as a Teacher? Here are 4 Proven Ways to Attract more Students

  • Bharat Sharma
  • 24/11/2018

First off, I know what you are thinking.

How do I grow my teaching business and increase my income as a tutor?”

If you are here - you will get the answer to this question.

Teaching is a noble profession, it allows us to connect with people and share our knowledge with them.

Just as doctors, engineers and scientists - the world needs more and better teachers to grow and improve as a whole. 

70% of the tutors still don't know the right way to promote their business and earn extra income. 

Whether you are teaching commerce or science or helping students learn music or dance – it is important to have a stable income.

Think about it - would you want to be a teacher that has a consistent flow income flow or would you want to be a teacher that struggles to generate revenue?

I am sure your answer would be – “I want to be a teacher but I also want to make money

In this post, you will learn about 4 simple, proven and effective ways to grow your teaching income. 

Let’s start –


1. Establish your Brand


We live in a world surrounded by brands.

If you look around, you’ll find dozens of famous, not-so-famous and obscure brands trying to get your attention (and money).

Customers love to shop from brands that they feel associated with.

The same principles apply to the profession of teaching.

If you are wondering what kind of teachers make money – the answer is simple.

Teachers who have positioned themselves as a ‘brand’ in their specific area or domain always have an edge compared to ‘just another teacher’ down the road.

That is exactly why big teaching institutes attract flocks of students.

The lesson here is – To attract students, you must first establish your brand.

Whether you are a yoga teacher or a music instructor – the fastest way to make yourself stand out from the pool of teachers is to position yourself as a brand.

It will change the way your target audience will perceive you.

In short, it will make them pay attention to you, know more about you and ultimately, contact you.

  • Tell people why they should learn from you
  • Say it from a position of authority and as an individual brand
  • Be confident and clear with your messaging

Putting yourself as a 'brand' out there won't only increase your income. It will make you a more confident, positive and promising teacher in the eyes of students and parents.

Now before you printing your business cards - take some time to understand your target audience.

Let me explain that below.


2. Understand your Audience


You probably would be thinking – “I teach [XYZ] to students, I already know my audience.

Yes, you might know your audience but do you understand them?

For example – if you are teaching maths or science to school students, you should know what the interests of your students are.

Ask questions like - Do they like to learn from textbooks or practical, real-world examples? Do they like interactive sessions or long lectures?

Now don’t think that you will have to change the way you teach. In reality, you only change the way you reach your students.

The key to create a unique niche as a tutor is to understand your students better.

The more you understand them - the better you engage with them.

As a result, the more they will like you and the better they will understand what you are teaching.

Plus, your students will be happier and so will you!

It is a win-win for both teachers and students.

Don’t skip this part before you learn about the next strategy to grow your teaching income.


3. Get Online Presence


Did you know: 3 in 5 tutors today have an online presence (whether through social media or a website)

Times have changed. Today, being online is critical to the success of your teaching business.

Bill Gates once said – “If you are not online, you do not exist

Students and Parents are online and they are searching for teachers online too. Would you not want to leverage this to double your teaching income?

No matter what you are teaching – school subjects, special skills or hobby lessons, remember one thing.

Your students spend a lot of time on social media sites like Facebook, they search for reviews on Google and they ask a lot of questions on Quora before making a decision.

Don’t miss out on the huge pool of opportunities that exist in the online world.

Being online will help you create a lasting impression on your students - both present and future ones.

If you have students, ask them to help you in the following ways –

  • Post reviews on Google Business, Facebook and other online platforms
  • Leave testimonials on your website or social media profiles

For both of the above, you will need to get an online presence that showcases your teaching skills, experience and student testimonials.

Let’s look at the next strategy to attract more students and make more money teaching.


4. Promote Yourself


Gone are the days of sending out flyers in newspapers or distributing visiting cards to random strangers. 

This is a pure wastage of advertising money. 

These methods might work for already established tuition centers or teachers, but if you are new and eager to build your name – you should promote yourself smartly.

Self-promotion will help you to get attention, connect with audiences and ultimately, convert them into students (and more business).

The competition is huge – how can you make sure the right people get the right message?

To increase your income as a teacher, you should learn to target the right audience and then promote yourself with the right messages.

How do you that? Here are 3 steps -

  • Create your social media profile pages and ask your students to join you
  • Get a website to be seen by students who are searching for tutors online
  • Take advantage of existing students and tell them to write reviews for you
  • Go to forums where students are asking questions and answer them


No matter how good a teacher you are – If you don’t promote yourself well, somebody else will grab your share of growth.

You won’t like that to happen to you, right?

The lesson here is - the more people you reach to – the higher will be your chances of making extra money as a teacher.


Final Words