Use this simple 3 step technique to easily learn anything new in life

Use this simple 3 step technique to easily learn anything new in life

  • Bharat Sharma
  • 11/09/2018

“When was the last time you did something for the first time?”

The information age has made learning anything new easy and simple. Whether you want to pick up a fun hobby or learn a creative skill, if there’s a will, there’s definitely a way!

Through the medium of this article, we want to emphasize and present a simple 3-step technique using which you can easily learn anything new in life.

But before we get to that, it’s time for a little flashback.

Remember when as a kid you used to engage in tons of different activities at home or at school? Painting, sketching, drawing, music, sports...somehow we could gather the time, energy and will to do what we loved doing. 

However, as we grew up, these pursuits took a backseat to give way to education, career and work. The fun part in us got lost in the background as we welcomed an endless work/life loop leaving no time for things we loved doing. 

This might sound disappointing (because it really is).

Getting back to the present, if you are someone who always wanted to join a hobby class near you but never had the time, technique or planning to do so, this guide is for you. This simple 3-step technique will help you develop the right technique and approach to learn anything that you always wanted to.

Ready? Cotinue reading to find out how you can easily learn anything new faster at any age or point in life - 


Step 1: Find What You Love

The foremost step towards developing a habit of learning is to find something that truly interests you.

If you don't take enough time to find it, you'll never find enough time to learn it (more on that later). 

Maybe there’s a photographer or writer in you. Maybe you want to try your hand at knitting, baking or drawing. Perhaps you can revisit your passion for performing arts like music, singing or dancing.

It is important to find that one thing that you really want to learn and get better at. 

No, you don’t have to scratch your brains or take a trip down memory lane to find the answer to that. It isn’t necessary that the hobby you had as a kid should be the only hobby you should pick up as an adult.

However, what is necessary is that you take out time and do a bit of soul-searching.

Wondering how to start? The simplest way is to pick up a pen and paper and list down the things that interest you. Don’t worry about being correct or logical, just freely write down the activities or things you would want to try and learn in life right now. 

Once you do that, pick at least two things that you want to. Give some more time and thought to it. Finally, find that one thing that captures your interest the most.

Now, before you starting searching for the perfect hobby class near you, take a pause and go through the remaining steps of the strategy.


Step 2: Set a Schedule

Time is the most important luxury in our lives today and finding enough time for learning something new can be tough.

It is obvious that your schedule must already be brimming with deadlines and commitments that eat up your most of your time. But that doesn’t mean you cannot learn something new!

Once you find out what truly interests you, the next step is to find out some time and set a schedule to achieve that.

Okay, nobody is asking you to cut down on your sleep or relaxation time, but if you pay enough attention to the hours of the day, you will find out most of your time is being utilized for non-productive things like – social media scrolling, binge movie watching, wishlisting products on shopping websites that do you no good!

Whether you want to learn a musical instrument or join a yoga class near you, the key is to fix a time table and follow it with diligence.

So, set up a daily/weekly/monthly learning schedule and stick to it. A bit of time management can go a long way in assisting your learning curve (it will also simplify the learning process for you). Be disciplined in your approach and take out time every day for learning what you want to.

If you are not sure how to manage your time, read our time management guide.


Step 3: Find a Teacher

So you are ready to learn a new hobby or skill and you have also figured out the time to learn it. Now what?

Well, if you take our advice, learning something new happens most easily (and comfortably) once you learn with a teacher.

You might think that what’s the point of finding a real teacher when you can easily sign up for an online course or program - well, the point is when you start a new routine or pattern, it is easy to be distracted.

Learning something new will require a certain amount of discipline, dedication and determination and if you don’t get a dose of that, you will soon find yourself back in the same work/life loop (yep, that's how our brain works). 

The benefits of joining a hobby class near you and learning from a teacher are immense.

Firstly, a real person (or a teacher) will give you the right guidance and confidence to pursue your heart. Secondly, a human connect will also help you learn better and imbibe more information quickly. Thirdly, when you make mistakes or feel dejected, a teacher will correct you and uplift you.  

A teacher can be your source of motivation and discipline. So, find a teacher that helps you get closer to your goals. Who knows – maybe one day you can become a teacher for someone too!


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