Tutoring Trends and Forecast in India: How Online is transforming the way Tutors promote themselves

Tutoring Trends and Forecast in India: How Online is transforming the way Tutors promote themselves

  • Bharat Sharma
  • 18/02/2019

The transforming landscape of Education in India

Teaching – one of the oldest professions is undergoing a transformation in India.

With the rapid proliferation of internet and technology, education is now emerging as one of the hottest segments for growth, success and revenue – both for edtech startups as well as teachers and tutors.

The writing on the wall is clear – India’s online tutoring market is growing rapidly every year and is about to touch 5% of the country’s total GDP by 2021. 

More than 30% of India's total students are already using online apps and portals to learn. 

Thanks to India’s rapidly growing internet adoptability, more teachers and students are finding each other via online platforms.

Be it online lessons or courses, every segment of the education sector is showing growth in terms of adaptability, repeat usage and retention. 


Offline to Online

More tutors are paying attention to the emerging shift from offline to online learning. 

In addition to new and emerging teachers, in the recent years, even prominent offline players like Aakash Institute, TIME and many others have ventured into the burgeoning online space.

From primary to higher education, the education market has quickly diversified over the last few years and is now catering to multiple segments and audiences of all age groups online.

Apart from offline classes and lectures, these established institutes are now also offering cloud based curriculum and online courses for the modern day learner. 

Home based learning has also emerged as one of the key factors in India’s changing education landscape.

Education startups are offering video-based learning to anyone with a mobile or laptop and an internet connection. 


What it means for tutors and teachers

Although the internet penetration in India is still at a low 7-10% of the country’s total population, the future of education is certainly going online for both teachers and students.

Some years ago, tutors used to rely on word-of-mouth advertising and conventional marketing mediums like pamphlets, classified ads to attract more students. 

The traditional means of promotion aren't effective anymore - they cost more and give less returns on your money. 

As more students are discovering educational content through an app or an online course, teachers today must prepare themselves for the next wave in India’s educational landscape.


Advertising yourself as a tutor has also changed – students and their parents nowadays rely on making decisions based on the online identity of a tutor.

From Facebook page to Google reviews, every impression matters on the online space.

That is why having an online presence becomes even more important for any teacher who wants to attract more students.

50% of tutors and teachers have already started using online platforms to advertise their services and promote themselves.

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In the race to market a tutoring business and reap advantage of the growing online tutoring market in India, every tutor must be ready to showcase their skills, experience, services online.

Bill Gates once said - "If you are not online, you do not exist."

The Future is Online

Online education will continue to evolve the concept of learning in India.

With technologies like AI (Artificial Intelligence), the demand for personalized educational content will also grow.

Around 280 million students will be enrolled in schools by 2021 – if you are a tutor, now is the right time to invest in building your online brand and grow your teaching income.

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