Top Yoga Poses for Winters

Top Yoga Poses for Winters

  • Bharat Sharma
  • 14/12/2016

Winter is the season of flu’s, colds and other infections. During the season’s chillness, our bodies become inactive and we cannot get off those cozy blankets to practice yoga or any exercise. Chewing nuts and dates also feels tempting, thereby increasing the body fat. You can enjoy the pleasure of winter luxuries doing yoga exercises sidewise. The therapy brings out many benefits to our internal organs apart from fighting the common seasonal snags.

Here are some yoga tips/poses to fight the winter stereotypes and enjoy the season to its fullest :

Bring on the heat with 'HOT YOGA'

Hot Yoga provides warmth to the freezing body. There are 26 hot yoga poses that helps cleaning off the body toxins and striking out the stagnant energy that reduces the body movement during colder days. Some ‘Hot Yoga’ poses include :


1) Maintaining a gap of 6 inches between hands and knees, keep them parallel to the ground.

2) Stretch your arms by keeping fingers together and

3) Breathe with a normal pace.


1) While breathing constantly, pull your stomach in keeping it away from the thighs.

2) Place your fingers below the nose while keeping palms together. Sit down with a straight spine.

3) Squeeze thighs and knees together and focus the entire body weight towards the standing foot heel.


) Take your right foot backwards. Then square off your hip towards the front.

2) While placing your left hand on the hip, extend right arm towards the sky and breathe in.

3) Breathe out and twist by placing right hand on the ground. Repeat the same with your left arm.

Elude those seasonal issues

Yoga exercises when done in routine form helps in strengthening body immunity. Thus cold, cough and flu are vanished as there is no room for bacteria in the body. Season’s best poses are

Surya Bhedana

Sit in the position of Padmasana. Shut your eyes while keeping your spine and head erect. Close the left nostril with your little finger and ring finger. Then breathe in slowly and deeply with right nadi. Close your right nadi with right hand thumb. Breathe out with your left nostril.

Jal Neti

Have some warm water with salt added to it. Put the water in any one of your nostrils tilting your head sideways. Avoid inhaling when water is in the nostril. The water will come out flowing from the other nostril. To clear throat, blow your nose properly. Repeat the same with the other nostril. Practice every day for nasal cleaning.

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