Top Tango Dance Classes in Gurugram

Top Tango Dance Classes in Gurugram

  • 02/04/2020



Tango, the romantic dance form developed around the 1800s is widely known as an expression of love and passion, the dance form is considered as a form of therapy in which you are surely going to work on your physical and romantic abilities, be it preparing for a ball or a concert this is one of the best dance forms to be learned and expressed. Now once you have chosen your dance form you are to keep your sanity by learning this beautiful art form from the absolute master in their respective disciplines. The following are the top 2 dance academies that teach the tango dance form:- 


  1. Choreotheque Dance Studio


These are a bunch of sassy dance professionals that are based in Sector 45, Gurugram. This being a very quality assured institution which trains people in tango, has an ample supply of experienced dance teachers which teach the intricate art and passion of tango, should you choose to join this you would be kept in a cacoon of extremely capable trainers which would help you become the dancer you want to be.


 This is a very professional institution that takes care to provide you with every possible comfort while you are on your dance learning journey; this academy is fully equipped with air conditioning and water coolers.


  1. Crescendo World Of Music And Dance


This dance institute has its center based in Sector-43, Gurugram, joining this institute would be a very safe bet that would surely yield in your dance journey, this institute is widely acclaimed to have one of the finest teachers that can surely make you an expert in the art of tango. 

The institute like every other elite institute has an array of amenities that will keep your love for dance afresh.


This art form is known for centuries as something extraordinary, this is something that lovers use to practice, practicing this form of dance is known to have countless health benefits, including physical and mental health benefits.


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