Top Hip Hop Dance Centers in Gurugram

Top Hip Hop Dance Centers in Gurugram

  • 23/12/2019

Top 5 Hip Hop Dance Centers in Gurugram

Introductory paragraph:

       India has been a land of art and culture. Dance has been an important part of Indian Culture. India has been a land of diversity consisting of different cultural communities of India and encouragement for such activities have been raised throughout India. In today’s world where modern culture has influenced every single field, including Dance. As a sovereign country, India has adopted a lot of different cultures in the fields of Art, Craft, Dance, Education, Music etc. Hip Hop is one of those kinds of Dance forms that India has adopted with Modernisation. Let’s have a look at some of these centres encouraging Hip Hop Dance in India. 


1.  Ashish Dance fitness studio in Gurgaon Sector-31



Ashish located at Gurgaon Secenter1, Gurugram is a well established Academy in the world of Dance. The centre is famous for training in Western Dance forms, Yoga and Fitness. This centre provides its students with professional dance training in Hip Hop dance. This Institute has been able to earn name and fame by training a lot of students in Hip Hop. 

2. Dance Beats in Palam Vihar



Dance Beats is famous for its expert trainers in Salsa, Bollywood dance, Hip Hop, Belly Dance, Contemporary Dance, Ballet, Indian Classical, Freestyle. It provides the opportunity of learning sassiest Hip Hop moves from expert trainers. This academy is located at Palam Vihar in Gurugram.

3. Dance nation in Gurgaon Sector-57



It is located at Gurgaon Sector-57 in Gurugram. It is an excellent center for Ballet, Bollywood style, FreeStyle, Hip Hop, Belly- Dance, Western Classical, Bhangra etc. It trains people for fitness as well. So, this is a considerable option to learn some hottest and sassiest moves of Hip Hop.


          4. Choreotheque Dance Studio in Gurgaon Sector-45



This is a famous center for training in dance forms like Bollywood, Western Classical, Jazz Dance, Ballet, Hip Hop, Freestyle. It has a great collection of trainers and expert teachers for Hip Hop. It is located at Gurgaon Sector-45, Gurugram. This is a special center for Modern dance forms equipped with experienced teachers.

5. Tansen Sangeet Mahavidyalaya Tansen Sangeet Mahavidyalaya in Tilak Nagar


This academy is famous for providing expert pieces of training in Ballet, Belly-Dancing, Bhangra, Bollywood, Contemporary, Hip-Hop, Indian-Classical-Dance, Indian-Folk, Salsa, Tango, Western-Classical. It has outlets at Gurgaon Sector-56, Gurugram. Both the Centers provide expert training in different dance forms, Music as well. This center provides learning facilities for Hip Hop and has earned a unique place in the world of Modern dance. It ithe s a well-known center for the preservation of Indian Culture and Heritage along with adaptation of Modern Cultural Dance forms.


Concluding Paragraph:  

Dance is a form of art that not only increases brotherhood but also teaches us discipline. Hip Hop, a part of Modern Dance forms has occupied a special place in the modern dance world. In many countries including India, the young mass is fascinated about Hip Hop. So, to create a unique name in the world of Dance, Hip Hop a better and easier option to learn.



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