• 18/12/2019



Bhangra is the cultural dance form of Punjab. Bhangra is a typical performance with the execution of vigorous kicks, leaps, and bends of the body with the beat of short songs called boliyan and, most significantly, to the beat of a dhol. Here are some top centers available in Noida where you can learn and indulge yourself more with your interest in learning the Bhangra.


  1. Verve Dance Zone: 


With their team working at Noida Sector 15, Verve Dance Zone is the best place if you have been looking for centers that offer the most quality assured Bhangra classes. Verve Dance Zone is well equipped with professionally trained dancers/teachers to guide you towards becoming a Bhangra expert. They provide a high-quality music system which takes you to a world of Nirvana and also a water cooler to quench your thirst after a great Bhangra session. They are concerned with your security within the center, and that is why a security guard is on duty always. Mobile charging sockets are also available so that your phone doesn’t run out of battery life.


  1.  Bob Dance Centre:


With its center placed at Alpha Greater Noida, Bob Dance Centre would be your best bet if you want to shape your hobby of Bhangra and fitness all at once. The center promises proper training under experienced supervision. The center does not compromise with your comfort and even offers a water cooler and air conditioner to make it a fun learning and comfortable experience. 

Join if you want to shine in your interest of Bhangra.


  1. ZumbawithMonarajput: 


Located in Noida Sector 15, Noida ZumbawithMonarajput is an excellent place to learn belly dancing and maintaining fitness. Other than Belly dancing, ZumbawithMonarajput offers a lot more variety of dances and fitness training. ZumbawithMonarajput is a great place to begin your journey with if you are looking for a center to learn Belly dancing.


Conclusion: Bhangra is a dance form that demands high energy and fitness. It’s indulgement of vigorous kicks, leaps, and bends of the body with the beat makes it a good exercise. Thus, Bhangra is an excellent choice to be learned as a hobby, which will eventually keep you healthy and fit.

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