• 03/09/2019

Every summer vacation is a headache. Yeah! You heard it right. It can be a pain for parents to deal with their children who constantly crib about getting bored, and the parents have to juggle with diverse, fun activities to keep them busy. So to all the parents, we are here to lessen your burden by listing some boredom smashing summer activities.


1) Learn to cook

If your kid is a MasterChef fan, then they can try cooking. Moms can bake cookies or try making lemonade with them. This would also develop your bond with your kid. You can teach them to respect food and love it.

This would also increase their appetite. Children can learn to cook from different online websites. These websites are designed such that it is easy to cook with kids. They learn step-by-step lessons, history of recipes, special ingredients, safety tips and all about vegetables. You can also enroll your child in cooking classes in Delhi. If you live in some other city, please adjust the filter option here.


2) Read lots of books and do painting

If your child prefers to stay at home and hates the scorching heat, then he/she can read their favorite book. Try to get them acquainted with different genres. Also, you can discuss different stories, and they can learn the art of storytelling by collaborating various diorama.

Kids can also do some drawing over their drawing sheets and indulge themselves in the world of colours. You can encourage your child to join some art classes near you.


3) Adore yourself and appreciate nature

Summers are fun. It is about discerning yourself and loving environment.

If your kids love to play games and have different aspirations, then you can take them to Kidzania. Parks like Kidzania can help kids to explore their interests and dream. They can play their part in whatever profession they like. They can be a pilot, a doctor, a teacher; they could be all.

Apart from these kids can explore outside. They should enjoy fresh air, observe the fresh garden roses, sway like daffodils, hop around, exercise with passion and discover nature. You can help your children explore nature by enrolling them in adventure centers near you.


4) Enjoy the sky full of stars

Summer is not only about swimming, skating, and enjoying popsicles. It is not only about the day. Kids can equally enjoy the starry nights during the summer. Kids can go to an educational excursion which teaches about space, light, and planetarium. They can learn about scientists and star facts. They can catch fireflies at night. Summer is ideal for camping and stargazing. Kids can learn to about constellations and meteors.

Tip: Enjoy family stories and spend time in the campfire. Kids love it when their family spends some time together.

You can also find different insects and bugs during the night time if you hang a white sheet and throw some light on it.


5) Splash in water and play at the beach.

Kids can learn to swim. It is a must activity during summer. They can go canoeing at a local lake or visit the beach and collect some shells. Kids can also go fishing with guides or their family members. Make forts and sand castles. Enjoy sand and dirt — the messier, the more you enjoy.

No matter your age, playing in water, Pilling and creating and making dugouts is always fun.


6) Learn a new instrument

If your kid loves music and instruments then enroll him for a music class. There are few online classes which can teach them music notes, singing and instrument playing. This can enhance their cognitive learning and focus. You can find the music classes near you here.

They can also add some creative element by creating musical instruments. There are a few do-it-yourself tutorials available over the internet which can teach them to make instruments from waste and materials, found at your home.


7) Go for a picnic or visit the zoo

Kids love zoo and sanctuaries. They can go for a picnic or a cycle trail at a local park. Moreover, they can go for a nature walk and do birds and animals sightseeing.



In all, get your children involved in some or the other activity and keep them healthy and growing!

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