Top 5 Zumba Classes in Delhi to help you achieve your Fitness goals with Fun

Top 5 Zumba Classes in Delhi to help you achieve your Fitness goals with Fun

  • Bharat Sharma
  • 12/04/2018

Want to shed those extra kilos but hate going to the gym? Well, turns out you are lucky, as they are more than one way to get rid of body fat and achieve a desirable figure After all, health is wealth and looking good and staying fit is definitely a priority for everyone today. 

Fitness often starts with questions like - 'What's the best gym near me?' or 'What is the best way to lose weight fast' and so on. Usually, what follows is joining a fitness class near you or signing up with a monthly gym membership that ends up going in vain. If this sounds like you, don't worry, as you are not alone! Studies have shown that 90% of people lose motivation to meet their fitness goals and quit the gym after 30-45 days only!

So, how does one tackle this problem? The answer is - Zumba fitness!

It is a fun way to exercise and stay fit by dancing to music in rhythms and working out in a group. This Latin-dance inspired workout is unlike traditional workout and that is what makes it a popular way to fitness and health.  While a lot of us like to hit the gym or do aerobics to get fit, there are numerous Zumba classes in Delhi that'll make fitness a lot more fun! 

If you too want to work up the sweat and tone your body while having fun, we have compiled a list of the top 5 Zumba classes in Delhi for you -


#1 Delhi Dance Academy

Zumba is a mix of dance and fitness and what better way to learn Zumba by joining Delhi Dance Academy! They offer Zumba classes in Lajpat Nagar under the expert supervision and guidance of certified Zumba trainers and tutors in Delhi. If you want to improve your fitness, flexibility and endurance, you can learn and practice Zumba fitness from Delhi Dance Academy.

They offer Zumba classes in Delhi on weekdays as well as weekends. You can also become a monthly, quarterly or yearly member at this academy.

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#2 Zumba Moves Academy

Inspired by Latin dance moves and Bollywood choreography, Zin Palak (choreographer, trainer) leads the Zumba Moves Academy. One of the most popular Zumba dance classes in North Delhi, you can learn and perform various dance styles to boost your fitness, stamina and endurance. Trained in various dance styles and forms,  Zin Palak will help you workout while dancing to your favorite tunes.

Zumba Moves Academy offers professional Zumba classes in Delhi to beginners as well as intermediates who want to get in shape while having fun.

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#3 Alka's Yoga and Zumba Classes

Achieve your fitness and workout goals by joining Alka's Yoga and Zumba Classes. One of the premier institutes for best Zumba classes in Delhi, Alka is a gold medallist and a certified Zumba and Yoga trainer to learn from. If you want to tone your body and stay fit and healthy, you can easily learn Zumba fitness under the guidance and training of Alka.

In addition, if you want to learn Yoga for staying fit, these classes will also train you in various Yoga forms for better health, confidence and peace of mind.

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#4 Soul to Sole: The Fitness and Dance Hub

The expert Zumba fitness trainers and tutors at Soul to Sole believe in having fun while getting fit. If you too share the same mantra, it's time to get ready to dance and learn Zumba from here. Be it cardio, toning or Pilates classes, the fitness and dance academy offers a variety of workout options to choose from.

One of the best Zumba classes in Delhi, if you're interesting in learning and practicing Zumba, it's time to strap on your dancing shoes and become a member of the group classes offered here.

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#5 Her Fitness

A fitness club dedicated to females, Her Fitness is your prime source to start learning Zumba fitness in West Delhi. By offering state-of-the-art equipment and certified trainers, this fitness center in Delhi is a leading choice for women who want to get in shape and burn calories for weight loss.

Women of all age groups can join this fitness studio and learn to break a sweat while having fun in group fitness sessions. Her Fitness is one of the best places to sign up for Zumba classes in Delhi. 

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Ready to become fit and healthy? These 5 Zumba classes in Delhi will keep you focused towards your fitness goals while you have fun working out to the tunes of music!

Zumba training will help improve your mood and metabolism, thus, you'll be able to burn fat and calories quicker. Unlike a gym, Zumba combines dance with fitness to keep boredom away from your workout schedule!

The best part about joining a Zumba course in Delhi is that you will get to interact with people and while staying fit. Now that's what we call an awesome way to achieve health and happiness! 

Ready to learn? Start by searching for hobby classes, learning centers and coaching institutes near you with today! 


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