Top 5 Useful Study Tips for Medical Entrance Exams

Top 5 Useful Study Tips for Medical Entrance Exams

  • Bharat Sharma
  • 13/08/2018

A profession that demands perseverance and practice, every medical aspirant knows the importance of staying focused is the key to score well in a medical entrance exam. With competition in education rising like temperature every year, medical entrance exams like AIPMT/ NEET is one of the toughest mountains to climb for a medical aspirant.


However, with lots of practice, time management techniques and study tips, no exam is too tough to ace.


Ask any PMT aspirant and chances are they would already be a part of a medical coaching class or AIPMT institute near them. Yes, they will be a stepping stone in your success story but you must learn to first rely on yourself.



Today, we will be discussing the top study tips for medical entrance exams and how you can incorporate them into your preparation plan.


So, before you start searching for the best PMT coaching classes near you, take a look at these 5 study tips curated to help you for preparation for AIPMT/AIIMS -


1 Go Through The Syllabus Thoroughly


The major requirement before heading to clear any examination, either Board exam or Entrance exam, you should be familiar with your syllabus. Without the right knowledge of syllabus, you will be totally unaware of what you are dealing with and it won't help you elsewhere.


Being familiar with the latest AIPMT syllabus and the exam pattern will help to boost your confidence. When it comes to the basics, you can start with your 12th standard textbook.


As per the latest AIPMT/NEET exam pattern in 2018, you will have to prepare for –


  • Physics (45 questions),
  • Chemistry (45 questions),
  • Zoology (45 questions),
  • Botany (45 questions)


Each question carries 4 marks for the right answer and 1 negative mark for incorrect answer.


2 Practice Time Management



No matter the exam, time is a very important commodity, which allows you to reach your dreams (if used effectively). For AIPMT aspirants, learning to manage time properly can be the distinguishing factor that helps them achieve success in the NEET entrance exam.


In case you need a reminder: The fundamental rule of time management - always focus on your priorities.


If you want to learn the art of time management to get things done, read our useful guide here.


Regular timely practice sessions will help in boosting your confidence and will also facilitate timely coverage of the vast syllabus. This will provide you with extra time to revise and relax before the day of the exam.


Remember that medical entrance exam preparation depends on how consistently you practice the course material. Thus, you must learn how to manage your time according to subjects, solving subjective questions, objective questions and summarizing every part of the lessons you have learned.


3 Pick Up Previous Years Papers


Even the best coaching institute for NEET will guide you to prepare by solving the previous questions or test papers.


For some, solving previous years’ AIPMT question papers can seem to be a waste of time but in reality, this activity will help you understand the following aspects in detail -


  •  Exam Pattern: If you are engaging with self-study, then solving previous year papers is vital. You will get to know the exam pattern, which nearly remains the same until it is notified in advance.


  •  Real Time Practice: Solving the previous papers in a rightful way, helps you in managing the exam stress you will face in those 3 crucial hours. Start to test your caliber with the previous tests today to boost your confidence and evaluate your real-world performance before the exam.


  • Time Management: While conducting self-test, use a stopwatch or an alarm clock and set three hours time on the same. This will help you in effective time management and you will get better at answering questions within a specified time frame.

4 Eliminate Stress

Stress is a natural response of our body.  However, too much of it can affect your preparation and hamper your confidence badly.

With a vast sea of curriculum to cover, it is natural to get stressed while preparing for the medical entrance exam. However, what’s important is to eliminate stress and not let it get the best of you or your preparation schedule.

If you are wondering how to manage your exam stress better, below are some helpful Dos and Don’ts for stress management that will get you started -



  • Reduce TV, Mobile and Screen usage. They will strain your eyes and hamper your concentration.
  • Skip Social Media. Uninstall apps if necessary.
  • Take Smaller Study/Play breaks.
  • If you learn alone better, avoid excessive group study
  • Cram the Answers. Understand the concepts too.
  • Eat Unhealthy and Junk Food



  • Play Outdoor Games. Go for a Walk.
  • Meditate for 5 minutes daily.
  • Listen to Music. It helps you de-stress.
  • Have proper meals and eat them on time.
  • Have a Sound Sleep of 6-8 hours


5 Face your Fears

Facing your NEET entrance exam fear is the best way to confront it. Just like stress, if you don’t learn how to manage exam fear, it will surely get the best of you on the day of the entrance exam.

So, always try to face your strengths and weaknesses. Identify those subjects or lessons, about which you are not clear of its basics. Don’t ignore your weaknesses and keep a track of topics that you are weak at. Also, take a note of your strong subjects.

Once you have marked your strong and weak points while preparing for AIPMT, reach out to your teachers, friends or batch mates at school.

If you are feeling scared of AIPMT or NEET, it could be a sign that you need professional coaching to meet your career goal. That is why a lot of AIPMT aspirants sign up for medical coaching classes in various parts of the country.

6 Don't get Anxious

We’ve all been there – as soon as the thought of an entrance exam comes in our mind, we start to get anxious and cultivate stress in our mind.

When the exam date arrives, it is normal to get stressed thinking about things in our head. No matter how much you ignore exam anxiety, eventually, it will affect your performance on the day when it matters the most.

You might feel as this is going to be the most important exam of your life. If you feel so, remind yourself tha it is not. No exam is as important as your mental peace, relaxation and calm.

So, don’t get anxious by approaching deadlines as they are just a date, not your fate. Keep yourself focussed instead, try to follow the do's listed above and you'll sail through this with success. 

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In Conclusion

If you have set your goal on AIPMT/NEET in 2019, it’s time to make use of the study and preparation tips and take your medical entrance exam preparation to the next level.

After all, When it comes to your career, only you are the right person to be in the driving seat and take charge of your future now. 

We hope these study tips for medical entrance exams help you in reaching the mountain of success. Do let us know your thoughts on how you like to prepare better for entrance examinations.

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Aarav Kapoor is Working as Blogger for Shiksha Institute. A famous Institute for Coaching classes, Competitive Exams. He has been blogging for several years about the studying abroad and preparation for competitive exams. He is a voracious follower of coaching classes and loves to share his knowledge and learning about it.

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