Top 5 Martial Arts Schools and Classes in Delhi NCR

Top 5 Martial Arts Schools and Classes in Delhi NCR

  • Bharat Sharma
  • 17/01/2018

Martial arts have been a subject of interest across cultures, with the practice being traditionally handed down since ages. These arts are gaining significance in the modern world for various reasons. Before, we try to know the reasons, it is important that we understand what is martial arts? It refers to different sets, traditions and systems used for combat practices. The purposes why people learn martial arts and practice them are varied. Self defense, discipline, spiritual developmental, physical development, military purpose, sports activity etc are few of the reasons why people choose to learn and practice martial arts. Many of the martial art practitioners opine that learning martial arts is not just about training to fight but it is also about developing self discipline to keep the body and the mind active, fit and aware.

Different cultures have developed their own martial arts style. Each of these is codified as a system with specific set of rules that needs to be followed by the practitioner of that particular style or system. Judo, Karate, Kung fu, Jujitsu, kickboxing are few of the more popular martial arts that we hear when someone discusses about them. There are many other arts including our own Kalaripaytu which is now starting to gain mainstream interest.

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Now the question that arises is how to learn martial arts? Thankfully there are good number of places which offer martial arts classes across these various styles.
Let's take a look at 5 training schools which offer the best martial arts classes in Delhi -

  1. Knockout Fight Club : It is one of the most famous martial arts schools in Delhi. They provide varied services which not only include providing training for any of the different combat sports but also training which helps to gain strength, fitness and endurance. Different training modules and regimen are available for individuals to choose and train. You can learn Karate and other self defense courses on offer at this training academy. Knockout Fight club has centers located across South Delhi with a host of professional trainers to assist your learning.

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  1. Crosstrain : Another top notch combat sports training academy and MMA (mixed martial arts) fight club. Located in South Delhi, Crosstrain is spread across 2,000 square feet. The facility is fully functional and equipped with all the required facilities for training combat sports. The club has the best trainers who provide training across different disciplines like kickboxing, Brazilian jiu-jitsu, Muay Thai, wrestling along with karate classes which are more known among the common public. The training sessions are customized as per the physical capabilities of the members. They do also offer short term courses which cut across the various mix martial arts disciplines.

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  1. Sanshinkan: Based in Gurgaon (Delhi NCR), this fitness and martial arts training academy provides training in various combat sports and martial arts along with training on various aspect like self defense, fitness, strength etc. They also provide professional guidance. This training academy boasts of its students being part of the competitive martial arts circuit and winning many of the championships. One of the unique aspects of their training methodology is creating real life scenarios as part of the training to help people get better acquainted with self-defense techniques in real world scenarios.

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  1. Dynamic Kickboxing : Based in Noida, Dynamic Kickboxing training institute is focused on training professional fighters as well as amateurs. It has well equipped MMA style facilities. They offer training in combat sports like Muay Thai training, kickboxing etc along with others like karate training, Krav Maga etc. This martial art training academy is located in Noida and offers a great learning and training environment filled with modern amenities, world-class equipment and professional trainers.

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  1. Combat India : One of the premier institute to train and learn, Combat India is operational since 22 years and is one of the best karate schools in Delhi. They provide karate lessons along with training in Kung fu, Muay Thai, kickboxing, Tai Chi, Taekwondo and Brazilian jiu-jitsu. They offer free trial course and sessions for you to have a feel of the training regimen and help decide on joining the courses.

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These are five of the best training academies that offer martial arts classes in Delhi NCR.
Based on your interest and schedule, you can check out these training institutes and classes and find the one which suits your time, commitment and interest in the best way. Searching for hobby classes, coaching centers and learning schools near you?

Start your search with and let the learning begin!


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