Top 5 Indoor games for the age group of 5 to 10 years

Top 5 Indoor games for the age group of 5 to 10 years

  • 29/03/2020

Top 5 Indoor games for the age group of 5 to 10 years

Let us just start off by saying that we should be grateful for a few things amidst the heart-wrenching crisis that is prevailing. To get to spend as much time with our kids is possibly one of the best things to happen amidst the chaos.

 As a matter of fact, even before or during the outbreak of the global pandemic - COVID 19 (Coronavirus) struck humanity and wretched it beyond explanation and repair in just a few weeks, we were constantly running to our responsibilities sparing little to no time to pause in our lives to check up on ourselves and our family and friends. This is the part when gratitude comes into picture where cherishing every moment that we have with our children, should become our prime priority.

To make things exciting and engaging for our kids let's not allow them to drown into the digital devices to disburse their time. However, there are a plethora of indoor games in adult brain stores to be brought to their knowledge. To understand how this works best for every child out there, a simple hack of self-belief is that children are too lazy to get themselves on their feet and keep their minds and bodies active. With that thought in place, here are the top 5 indoor games that can morph our kids from being sluggish to zealous.   


  1. Simon Says

Undoubtedly, one of the most famous household and classroom games ever played, Simon Says is still a no-brainer for kids who would want to exert themselves physically  and also increase their cognition. Simon is usually the instructor himself who has a group of kids/people on command to do as he says in quick succession. This game is a real brain food to strengthen our kids’ mental alertness.

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      2.    Pachisi

Games that require strategic thinking are at large and our Indian tradition holds proof to one such game. Pachisi, it came into being many centuries ago and played by twenty men of the Mahabharata, Pachisi is a board game in the shape of an X that allows players to advance their positions based on the numbers the cowry shells denote after rolling. Akin to rolling a dice, here 6 cowry shells are used to symbolize the positions to be advanced. The first player to reach the centre of the board crossing all hurdles is the winner.

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3.   Pictionary


Not all indoor games demand your physical and mental strength. Some require you to just be creative in your thinking and interpretation and Pictionary is one such game that necessitates your imaginative thinking to find the name of the picture that is drawn. Some pictures could be unknown ones and that is the catch behind your wild guesses that could even be your correct answer.

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4.    Jenga Blocks


Parents have evolved over the ages in being conscious of the kind of toys they buy for their kids. Jenga tops the list when it comes to adults and kids locking horns to build and balance the miniature towers they rise. An extremely intense game of strategy, Jenga allows the player(s) to think before they act on removing and stacking up blocks lest to have a demolition.


5.    Ping-Pong toss


One of the toughest hands-free games ever to exist, Ping-Pong toss is a game that requires unflinching amounts of patience and determination from the player to toss the ball over multiple platforms until it reaches its end pocket/cup. One can be as creative as possible in setting up the platforms depending on the required complexity of the game.

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