Top 5 Features of Online teaching apps

Top 5 Features of Online teaching apps

  • 28/01/2021

The pandemic has changed the way of living as well as working and has affected many professions in different ways. Teaching is one such profession that has gone through a complete makeover in terms of operation. When the whole world was confined indoors, schools’ colleges and tuitions also stalled for a while, till students and teachers started using the internet for learning and teaching with app.

This gave a humongous rise to the online teaching concept. This ever-growing digital era has made virtual classes more of a necessity than premium service. Online tuition from home has not only enabled the teachers to impart their lessons on online tutor apps, but has also helped people who are sitting in remote areas to teach students from anywhere anytime and have provided them employment opportunities, with online teaching apps to earn money.

Online teaching is basically physical classes turned virtual, where faculties conduct classes using the teaching app that works on the internet. Through online teaching, teachers and students get access to the classes from anywhere and at any time, on real-time basis, and thus also incorporate live query solving facility. This whole process of tutoring online in a virtual environment is also known as digital tutoring. 

Every online teaching app need to be equipped with these basic features for the smooth running of the classes -

•          Easy Profile Creation: One should just need a device and an internet connection to create a teacher’s profile in the app as a teacher app are free to download. Profile creation in these tutor’s apps will require basic personal details like name, qualification, course or subject, personal identification, etc. This will help students to reach the tutors of their preferred subjects and courses.


•          Lead Management: Applications should be able to provide student leads to the teachers in return for some nominal charge that can be either in form of a membership fee, or commission-based fee. These apps should then provide a user-friendly interface to the teacher where they can manage all the consolidated leads, interact with them, delete and add to the list, and also understand the profile of their student leads.


•          Easy Scheduling of classes: Teach online app should also provide teachers with the scheduling of the classes, or even an inbuilt class scheduling calendar so that teacher does not require to navigate from the app while lining up their classes. This will make the application wholesome in itself, and provide a user-friendly experience to the teachers.


•          Social Sharing:  Applications should have social engagement tools that can help disperse announcements by enabling the sharing options to different social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, Gmail, and other similar spaces. This will also help in the promotion of the classes and getting feedback from users of the tuition app instantly. This also increases the reach of the platform among audiences increasing the rate of tutor apps download.


•        Custom Branding: Teaching apps should also offer teachers and students a touch of personalization. Teachers and students should be able to customize their profiles as per their likings and preferences. This will give them a sense of belonging and application will curate information according to their taste and requirement selection.


Here are a few top apps for online teaching:

  1. Vedantu: Vedantu, a Bengaluru based Indian app founded in 2011, provides a real-time and interactive teaching and learning experience to the teachers and students. Its operation provides a marketplace for the teachers, where students can search for the teachers by browsing, discover various tutors, and choose to learn from the options available. The app provides classes for the students from 4th to 12th class, as well as test preparation courses for IIT - JEE, NTSE, and PSA.


  1. BYJU’s: BYJU’S app, founded in 2011, is a multinational app that provides educational content for the students from 1st to 12th standard, test preparation courses for Indian examinations like IIT - JEE, NEET, CAT, IAS, as well as international examinations GRE and GMAT. Recently it has also launched an Early Learn App for students of LKG & UKG as well. This app works on a freemium basis.


  1. BitClass: BitClass, founded in 2020, provides a PAAS (Platform as a service) to the teachers and help them set up online classes within minutes. It takes care of the technical front for the tutors by enabling them in setting up, selling, managing & delivering their live classes, all in one place.

Where many digital platforms provide online teaching facility that have both recorded lectures and live streams.  Live teaching apps need a few important technologically advanced facilities. These are:

  1. Security and privacy settings: Live teaching app or website, must be loaded with security features that enable only the authorized users to access the live video broadcasting.


  1. Application Programming Interface: This is a tool that helps the broadcaster in creating a strong user-friendly interface, which incorporates creating a custom website and applications to keep things simpler for the students.

Where these Online Tuition platform apps provide a stage for students and teachers, these apps are meant for solely teaching purposes. Teachers get completely dependent on the functioning of these teach online platforms for other management and lead generation purpose. There is usually no added benefit to the teachers outside the world of online teacher app.

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Here, Personal Class Management Apps comes to the rescue for those who want to get established in the market even outside the world of apps, and by creating a name for themselves. These Personal Class Management Apps provide a complete package to the tutors from starting to end like an assistant, which includes personal website creation, digital marketing, promotions, and lead generation, in addition to online teaching.

MillionCenters is one such platform that provides a packaged service to the tutors who look for tutoring software online through their Personal Class Management App. Users can take benefit from the tools like class management, attendance management, online coaching class, demo class for promotion, etc. It provides these services to the tutors for free, and can later opt for advanced subscription-based services.

The major difference between Online Teaching VS Personal Class Management services:

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  1. Personal Brand - Where app for online teaching provides a platform which is restricted to website or apps only, personal class management services help the user to create their own personal brand, with the help of promotion and advertisement.


  1. Helps tutors establish their teaching business with time - Usual online teaching platforms do not equip teachers with anything more than teaching sessions. Here, Personal class management platforms allow teachers to grow their network, create a market of their own, connect them with the students personally, allows them to operate their personal website, and provide teachers with the complete digital setup to take over their teaching business forward henceforth.


  1. Provides an identity beyond the website or app - Once the online tuition app is closed, the entire course setup goes away with the platform leaving tutors empty-handed. Wherein, Personal class management platforms themselves offer to create a personal brand of the tutor, and tutors can earn name & fame with their hard work put in.


In the era where the internet is the king, one needs to create a mark on the digital world, and that needs to be personal and independent. Personal Class Management helps tutors to achieve that mark and flourish independently in the ever-competitive teaching world.

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