Top 20 Music Classes in Singapore Online & Offline

Top 20 Music Classes in Singapore Online & Offline

  • 06/10/2020

Top 20 Music Classes in Singapore: Online & Offline



Singapore is a beautiful and culturally diverse country, and music is an integral part of it. If you are thinking, song music classes online, or can I give a top-class music performance? Then the list of best music classes in Singapore will ensure your success. The top 20 Music classes listed below also have names of the best online music classes, and you will find music classes near you so that it's easy to travel for offline/ personal music classes.


              The list contains Indian, Singaporean, western music styles so that everyone can find the music class of their choice. An expert musician knows where a beginner will stumble, and Singapore is full of master musicians who can transform a novice into an expert. Even if someone wants to make a career in the music industry, this is the best time to start.



  1. Edvox Music School


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 Edvox music school is one of the most renowned schools of Singapore established in 2002. It has a team of highly qualified teachers; taught 935+ ABRSM diploma students and gave more than 55 performances. It is giving music lessons in violin, cello, ukulele, flute, piano, guitar, and various other instruments.


            From music recitals to competitions, master classes and the end of year concert, Talento, the students have the chance to showcase their talents and build their confidence. Edvox has been teaching professionals for more than 18 years, and many have joined them since.


Title- Edvox Music School


Skills/ Instruments- Violin, piano, guitar, cello, flute etc


Experience- 18 years




Location 1- 204 Hougang Street 21 #02-101 Singapore 530204 


Location 2- 5 Tampines Central 6 #01-14 Telepark, Singapore 529482 


Email- [email protected] 


Contact- +65 61003380 




  1. Kinder Musik


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Kinder is a prominent music school teaching kids the art of music. Kindermusik With Love Studios was awarded Top Programme Status since 2013 by Kindermusik International in recognition for their excellence. A team of highly capable instructors teach the next generation of musicians.They admit students from the age of 2 onwards. In the current scenario the instruments pass all  safety measures before they get in children's hands. One has the option to avail of online or in person classes.


Title- Kinder Musik 


Skill/ Instrument- instrument play, 


Experience- 6 years




Location- West Studio (Rochester Mall)


Email- [email protected] 


Contact- 65 6684 8064 




  1. Mandeville Conservatory