Top 20 Dance Classes In Singapore

Top 20 Dance Classes In Singapore

  • 06/10/2020

Top 20 Dance Classes In Singapore


Dance classes offer a great way to work out your body and rejuvenate your mind and can be an easy way to destress from daily responsibilities, career deadlines, and academic assignments. Being a part of a dance class is also a great way to meet new people and find your common interests. A dance studio provides a learning space where you can grow and test your creative limits. Through regular attendance of dance sessions, dancers will be able to familiarize themselves with their body movements, stay fit and lower the risk of diseases. Finding a dance class closer to your home will make it convenient for daily attendance and even shorten travel times. And this is why we provide you with a list of the top 20 dance classes in Singapore that you can choose from:


  1. Converge Studios  >

Converge Studios offers dance lessons on a range of powerful dance styles, from hip hop, urban fusions, whacking, popping, K-pop, jazz-funk, and locking, among many more. With a team of talented and passionate instructors, Converge Studios welcome dancers from all stages – from beginners to professionals – and of all age groups. The dance studio also offers customized packages to aspiring dancers who are looking for a curated dance session that caters to their preferences. Some services unique to Converge Studios is their provision of virtual open classes, student packages, and corporate services.

  • Title – Converge Studios
  • Location – 137 Cecil Street #02-01 Singapore, 068537
  • Skills/Expertise Area – Powerful dance styles
  • Website –
  • Contact – +6562217980
  • Email – [email protected]


  1. Danz People  >

Danz People is one of Singapore’s premiere dance studios, catering to aspiring dancers of all ages and ranges. With their varied dance packages, ranging from street dance to classical ballet and jazz, Danz People provides lessons on a colorful range of genres across different dance disciplines. Apart from conducting normal dance lessons, Danz People also conduct dance sessions for companies, organize a number of student-centric programs, and even promote social activities. They also plan choreography, staging, and overall productions for event performances, making them extremely reliable in the professional dance field.

  • Title – Danz People
  • Location –6 Raffles Boulevard #02– 15/17 Marina Square Shopping Mall, Singapore, 039594
  • Skills/Expertise Area – Classical and Contemporary Dance
  • Years of Experience – 12
  • Website –
  • Contact – +6568849072
  • Email – [email protected]



  1. EN Motion Dance School  >

EN Motion Dance School is an award-winning Latin dance school that has excelled in its provision of fun and exciting dance lessons. With well-trained instructors and tutors, EN motion Dance School introduces dancers to styles like salsa, mambo, cha-cha, bachata, and reggaeton among many more. For dancers who prefer a more curated dance session, EN Motion Dance School offers private classes for their dance styles so that dancers are able to choose their own pace of learning. Apart from that, EN Motion Dance School also helps dancers train for international events by creating impressive choreographies and training methods.

  • Title – EN Motion Dance School
  • Location – #03-05/05A Cineleisure Orchard, 8 Grange Road, Singapore, 239695
  • Skills/Expertise Area – Latin Dances
  • Years of Experience – 14
  • Website –
  • Contact – 91597811
  • Email: [email protected]


  1. Dancing with Friends Singapore  >

Dancing with Friends Singapore encourages individuals to bring out their inner dancer, allowing them to cultivate their talents as a hobby, a dream, and even a profession. With dance classes that welcome beginners, intermediates, and advanced dancers. Dancing with Friends Singapore has sessions for Ballet, Bachata, Salsa, Lindy Hop, Fitness sessions conducted by proficient aerobics instructors, and much more! The dance studio offers free trial classes so dancers can get a grasp of how dance lessons proceed, which also allows them to identify areas of improvement. With the benefit of private and group classes, as well as group discounts, Dancing with Friends Singapore will groom you into an amazing dancer.

  • Title – Dancing with Friends Singapore
  • Location – The Adelphi, 1 Coleman Street, #02-47 Singapore, 179803
  • Skills/Expertise Area – Salsa, Lindy Pop, Styling Ballet, Bachata
  • Website –
  • Contact – 6583184247
  • Email – [email protected]


  1. 5th Avenue  >

5th Avenue offers a creative and conducive learning space for dancers and aspiring dancers who want to focus on dance education. Through careful theory and practical lessons, 5th Avenue is a highly recommended academy in the country, even offering a certificate at the end of your course. Additionally, 5th Avenue has some of the best choreographers as dance trainers, some of them even all the way from Korea, who excel in styles like Urban, Jazzfunk, Hip-hop, and Lyrical jazz among others. 5th Avenue offers unique discounts for group registration and even allows dancers to attend trial classes according to their comfort.

  • Title – 5th Avenue
  • Location – 2 Jurong East Street 21, IMM Building, (Lobby B) #04-28C, Singapore, 609601
  • Skills/Expertise Area – Jazz and Street Dance
  • Website –
  • Contact – 6565656368
  • Email – [email protected]


  1. dAcademy >

dAcademy is an award winning dance academy and excels in offering dance sessions for contemporary dance styles. Veteran dance professional, Dan Kwoh, who manages the dance studio, ensures that dAcademy has a sustainable and expressive learning environment. dAcademy sessions allow dancers to bring out the beauty and grace of contemporary dancing, and the foundation of the style. dAcademy also offers online dance classes conducted by professional instructors, ensuring that each and every individual who aspires to dance contemporary gets the opportunity to do so.

  • Title – dAcademy
  • Location – 2 Jurong East Street 21, IMM Building, #04-28C, Singapore 609601
  • Skills/Expertise Area – Contemporary Dance
  • Website –
  • Contact – 6565656368
  • Email – [email protected]


  1. Groove  >

Groove is an all-ladies dance studio that offers a variety of artistic and graceful dance styles and techniques to engage in. From aerial silk dancing to exotic dance courses, Groove dance studio enables aspiring dancers to enhance flexibility and balance their bodies the right way while dancing. Groove’s sessions work the body in such a manner that dancers are able to improve their fitness through the implementation of challenging and stress-busting routines. As an internationally recognized dance studio that has taken part in many global competitions, Groove’s sessions are designed for every aspiring female dancer out there.

  • Title – Groove
  • Location –195 Pearl’s Hill Terrace, #01-01, Singapore 168976
  • Skills/Expertise Area – Aerial Silk Dance Classes
  • Years of Experience – 15
  • Website –
  • Contact – 62234813
  • Email – [email protected]


  1. BarreWorks Dance Studio  >

BarreWorks Dance Studio is known for its famed ballet and contemporary dance sessions, as well as their Fitness Masterclasses. The dance tutors at BarreWorks are professionals in their field, specializing in a range of styles and proving themselves as exceptional instructors for aspiring dancers. BarreWorks offers sessions for individuals of all ages, from Baby Ballet and Classical Ballet, to Contemporary Adult Ballet ensuring inclusivity for dancers at any level. The studio is equipped with a full-length mirror, portable bars, and even harlequin dance floors, making each and every dance session a unique experience.

  • Title – BarreWorks Dance Studio
  • Location – 897B, Old Holland Road, Singapore 278690
  • Skills/Expertise Area – Ballet and Contemporary
  • Website –
  • Contact – 65 9664 6551
  • Email – [email protected]


  1. Caliente-Dance >

Caliente Dance is one of the top studios for those who want to learn Latin dance styles. Run by two passionate dancers, they strive to share their love for Latin dance through sharing their knowledge, performing thrilling choreographies, and introducing dancers to exciting Latin styles. With the option to select from a variety of dance styles, such as Salsa, Kizomba, Bachata, and others, Caliente Dance offers lessons that are specifically curated to fit your dancing experience. The studio also offers group classes, private classes, and even trial classes for those who are exploring the style.

  • Title – Caliente-Dance
  • Location – #08-02 Realty Centre, 15 Enggor Street
  • Skills/Expertise Area – Salsa and Bachata
  • Years of Experience
  • Website –
  • Contact – 65 9005 3482
  • Email – [email protected]


  1. Kavanagh Dance  >

Kavanagh Dance follows a unique approach to dance sessions, focusing more on allowing dancers to embrace their bodily movements, their enjoyment, and self-expression. Dance tutors at Kavanagh Dance encourage students to show their creativity and ability, enabling them with impromptu performances so that they have the freedom to move on their own accord. This is how Kavanagh Dance ensures that their dancers remain passionate and interested in the sessions that range from Ballet, Modern Jazz, Hip Hop, and even dance classes for Tiny Tots. With over 47 years of experience, Kavanagh Dance is equipped to give dancers the much-needed exposure by providing encouragement to pursue their passions.

  • Title – Kavanagh Dance
  • Location – Our Lady Of Nativity, 1297 Upper Serangoon Road, Singapore 534793
  • Skills/Expertise Area – Kids Classical Ballet
  • Years of Experience – 47
  • Website –
  • Contact – 6581015270
  • Email – [email protected]


  1. Dance Theatre Arts  >

Dance Theatre Arts is the perfect dance studio if you're someone seeking out ballet classes for personal growth and expression. Learning ballet from Dance Theatre Arts allows students to reach out towards their full potential, grooming young students and beginners in the right environment. The ballet instructors are incredibly skilled,  well-versed in tutoring, and project their passion towards dance during ballet sessions. Dance Theatre Arts has an array of dance sessions suited to dancers’ needs, from RAD Ballet, Classical Ballet, Moving Melodies, ballet bar workouts for enhanced movements, and even private coaching for those who prefer a more in-depth and focused session.


  1. DF Academy  >

DF Academy is regarded to be one of the most renowned dance schools in Singapore. With over hundreds of dance sessions a week, DF Academy caters to aspiring dancers from the ages of five to fifty, encouraging them to pursue their interests without creating any barriers. Professional dancers are always eager to guide the students through their lessons, and their varied specializations in different types of dance forms – from Hip Hop to K-pop dancing – makes them incredibly knowledgeable about dance techniques. Almost everyone who has attended DF Academy has given them a five-star rating, a testament to their dance sessions.

  • Title – DF Academy
  • Location – 3 #04-13 Gateway Dr. Westgate, Singapore, 608532
  • Skills/Expertise Area – Hip Hop
  • Website –
  • Contact – 6587178869
  • Email – [email protected]


  1. The Brass Barre  >

The Brass Barre provides dancers to learn all the different styles of pole dancing, and discover the sensuality of lyrical dance no matter the age or body type. As an all-inclusive studio, the Brass Barre encourages their dancers to use the space to express themselves however they can. With different class sessions and levels, the studio ensures that dancers are able to take part in sessions that match their learning stage. Additionally, The Brass Barne also offers trial classes that can be attended by anyone who shows interest in dancing, which can essentially be used to decide if they want to attend regular sessions.

  • Title – The Brass Barre
  • Location – 277 Orchard Road, #02-24, Singapore, 238858
  • Skills/Expertise Area – Pole Dancing
  • Website –
  • Contact – 6562826962
  • Email – [email protected]


  1. ZiggyFeet  >

Ziggy Feet has a consistently-paced syllabus that eases dancers into a comfortable and refreshing learning environment. Even if you're a beginner or an expert in a specific style, Ziggy Feet's dance tutors will ensure that there is always something new and exciting to learn. Ziggy Feet is reputed for their social dancing session, created by keeping in mind the importance of creativity and connection while dancing alone, or even with a partner. Their social dancing lesson has been reviewed several times as a confirmed de-stresser.

  • Title – ZiggyFeet
  • Location – 6 Raffles Boulevard, #B1-01/02/03 Marina Square, Singapore 039594
  • Skills/Expertise Area – Social Dancing
  • Years of Experience
  • Website –
  • Contact – 6581819785
  • Email – [email protected]


  1. Ritz Dance Studios  >

Ritz Dance Studios prioritizes education through the form of dance, encouraging aspiring dancers to discover themselves and develop their own style. By cultivating their creativity through practice, dancers will find themselves more confident in their movements and techniques. Known as transformational progress, Ritz Dance Studios aims to make their students enjoy expressing themselves through dance – whether it be a calm feeling or frustration. Ritz Dance Studio is a safe space for dancers of all levels, with sessions curated perfectly to their dancing capacity, offering lessons on

 Ballet, Jazz, Hip Hop, Kpop, Street Jazz, Musical Theatre as well as the memorable Parent & Child Dance.

  • Title – Ritz Dance Studios
  • Location – #06-01, 1 Marine Parade Central, Parkway Centre, Singapore 449408
  • Skills/Expertise Area – Musical Theatre
  • Website –
  • Contact – +6586874100
  • Email – [email protected]


  1. Le Grand School of Dance >

Le Grand School of Dance focuses their dance sessions on enhancing their student's artistic appreciation. With exciting dance sessions that cultivates creativity and self-expression, Le Grand School of Dance allows students to discover a passion for dancing. With professional dancers as instructors, they help students hone their skills and move forward towards being the best version of a dancer they can be – excelling in styles from Classical Ballet and Flamenco to more vigorous styles like Hip-Hop. Le Grand School of Dance also hosts examinations for Pre-primary ballet until the Vocational Advanced 2 level so that there is a thorough understanding of a style.

  • Title – Le Grand School of Dance
  • Location – 5 Tampines Central 6, #01-02 Telepark, Singapore 529482
  • Skills/Expertise Area – Ballet
  • Years of Experience – 15
  • Website –
  • Contact – 6562605103
  • Email – [email protected]


  1. Sunny Low Dance Production Studio>

Sunny Low Dance Production Studio is the right place for your versatile dancing needs, allowing students to try out unique styles like ballroom dancing, social dancing, and even a significant number of Latin dance styles. This studio gives you the opportunity to broaden your horizons and test your body's limits with different dance forms so that you can finally find one that is perfect for you. There are a variety of lessons offered by Sunny Low Dance Production Studio, including Waltz, Tango, Pasa Doble, Salsa, Cha Cha Cha, Merengue, Quickstep, Bachata, Foxtrot, and Disco Rock. Sunny Low Dance Production Studio is one of Singapore's best ballroom dance classes.

  • Title – Sunny Low Dance Production Studio
  • Location –158 Kallang Way, Performance Building #05-10, Singapore 349245
  • Skills/Expertise Area – International Style Ballroom and Latin Dance
  • Website –
  • Contact – 65 92772373
  • Email – [email protected]


  1. Shall We Dance >

Shall We Dance aims to allow dancers to connect with the language of dance, establishing it as a form of sport, as art, and as a stress relieving activity. The instructors at Shall We Dance show their passion and enthusiasm towards dance in such a way that is sure to ignite an appreciation within the students. From choreographing wedding dances and corporate dance sessions to Latin, standard and social ballroom, Shall We Dance inspires you into a journey of self expression and encourages you to broaden your experience with dance.

  • Title – Shall We Dance
  • Location – 23 Kampong Bahru Rd, #04-04, Singapore 169349
  • Skills/Expertise Area – Ballroom Dancing
  • Years of Experience –
  • Website –
  • Contact – 6587795567
  • Email – [email protected]


  1. Odissi Classical Dance >

Odissi Classical Dance is one of a kind dance academy in Singapore where India's authentic dance style is embraced. The Odissi instructor, Tapur Ghosh, is a respected and experienced classical dancer, and she has been taught by classical Odissi dance gurus from India – ensuring that he also follows an authentic approach to his sessions. With unique dance sessions and performances that take dancers to the roots of India, the instructor at Odissi Classical Dance enhances your experience with one of India's most beautiful classical dance forms. With her award-winning and educational certificates in Odissi, Tapur Ghosh is passionate to share her knowledge of dance through her dance sessions.

  • Title – Odissi Classical Dance
  • Location – Blk 262, Serangoon Central Drive, Singapore, 550262
  • Skills/Expertise Area – Odissi
  • Website –
  • Contact – 6591917420
  • Email – [email protected]


  1. Singapore Chinese Dance Theatre >

Singapore Chinese Dance Theatre aspires to spread the beauty of Chinese Dance by making an impression in the local and international dance community. Through Chinese Dance, you can indulge in the beauty of the country's culture and be a part of a passionate, enthusiastic group of talented individuals. The Singapore Chinese Dance Theatre is a centre of excellence for Chinese Dance, reaching great heights with their vibrant performances that highlights Chinese dance as a culture and art form. The dance instructor's passion for Chinese dance makes them the best choice as a dance company for individuals who are interested in the art form.

  • Title – Singapore Chinese Dance Theatre
  • Location – 5 Sennett Road, Singapore Hokkien Huay Kuan Cultural Academy, Block A, Unit 202, Singapore 466781
  • Skills/Expertise Area – Chinese Dance
  • Years of Experience –  31
  • Website –
  • Contact – 6562439667
  • Email – [email protected]

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