Top 10 places for Running in Singapore

Top 10 places for Running in Singapore

  • 06/10/2020

Top 10 places for Running in Singapore


Running is among the most common and highly beneficial cardio exercises. It has the potential to improve one's physical as well as mental health significantly. Running is also a form of an aerobic exercise that can alleviate stress and prove helpful in improving heart health. It is also beneficial in reducing the effects of depression. A general belief also says that runners usually tend to exceed in their years of existence on this earth, than those who don't. And when it comes to Singapore, running over here holds another level of importance. It is considered the national pastime for the people of Singapore. Locally organized eco-friendly running events are gaining continuous popularity in the country. The adoption of a fit and healthy lifestyle is the new trend. The on-going pandemic situation has further increased the need for everyone to stay fit and build-up a stronger immunity. So, here we list down top 10 places for running in Singapore for you.


  1. Bedok Reservoir

Location: Bedok

Distance: 4.3km


Attraction: Combination of paved and gravel terrain

Bedok Reservoir is a tranquil and calm place that has the ability to perform wonders and keep your mind clear. There are several picturesque locations in the park, which include waterside platforms and floating boardwalks. These places serve as a great location to cool down post-workout and provide a complete zen experience. The 88 hectares spread location comprises beautiful views with soft breezes, which can deliver all a fitness buff would desire. Bedok Reservoir like a twin to East Coast Park, without sand. It is immensely popular among Singaporeans living on the eastern side, who love this running venue.


  1. East Coast Park

Location: Pasir Ris

Distance: 21 km

Attraction: Cool and breezy atmosphere

East Coast Park comes among the most popular sites for activities such as running and cycling in Singapore. The paved, wide route stretches from the Marina Bay area, moving eastwards to the airport, and paralleling the East Coast Parkway. Entire route displays the views of lush greenery and water. Certain segments are running along a beautiful beach. The area isn't remote and could be found crowded. It remains illuminated even during the night. The path is quite simple and straightforward, with a variety of recreational activities within the park. East Coast Park is a popular choice for marathons and also fulfils the need for food and restrooms.


  1. Labrador Park

Location: Labrador

Distance: 7.5 km

Attraction: Nature trails with a picturesque view

Labrador Park unquestionably provides an eclectic combination of nature and history. It takes you to run through mangroves, forests and the beachfront– making you appreciate the relics of Singapore's past. The venue won't only help you stay fit, but will also make you wiser and smarter by symbolizing the historical past of Singapore. Relics present in the route include the original cannon that guarded Singapore's coastline during the Second World War. Another relic is the iconic replica of the Long Ya Men (also called as the Dragon's Teeth Gate) which used to be located at the gateway to the Keppel Harbour.


  1. Hindhede Nature Park

Location: Bukit Timah Hill

Distance: 1.3 km

Attraction: Quick, scenic, and easy trail

The best short and amazingly scenic trail is the offering of the Hindhede Nature Park. It is located next to the Bukit Timah Nature Reserve, which supports simple tracks and well-defined paths. There are numerous exercise pits within the area of the park that helps you to elevate your workout by focusing on your reps. With lush and serene sights to soothe your eyes, it's a perfect place for nature watching. It's also home to clouded monitor lizards, banded woodpeckers, and regular squirrels, so it's worth keeping your eyes open while running. However, the biggest attraction located at the end of the park is the picturesque Hindhede Quarry.


  1. MacRitchie Reservoir

Location: Marymount

Distance: 11 km

Attraction: Perfect escape from the hustling and bustling of Singapore.

Macritchie Reservoir is the oldest and one of the most beautiful reservoirs of Singapore. The mesmerizing nature trail is merely 10 km from the downtown area and has some great and healthy eateries nearby. The complete loop of a nature trail provides a wide range of offerings: trails around a human-made reservoir, a golf course path, a treetop walk running along a suspension bridge, and pathways through lush green vegetation. Yet other recreation opportunities that the park offers are located mainly on the reservoir and around the southern area of the park. Don't forget to beware of the macaque monkeys!


  1. Marina Bay