Top 10 Music Schools in Delhi

Top 10 Music Schools in Delhi

  • Bharat Sharma
  • 29/08/2017

"Without Music, Life would be a Mistake"

Does music play your senses? Do you often start tapping your foot to your favorite tunes? If yes, it's time to pick up music as a hobby in life! 

Music is a universal language which all of us can connect to no matter what you are feeling, there is a song which can perfectly fit your mood. Not only learning music is an amazing hobby, it is also a fantastic creative outlet to express your feelings, thoughts and emotions without even saying a word!

Whether you want to learn to play guitar, piano, drums or any musical instrument, there are music classes near you in Delhi, To help you get started with the best, we have compiled the Top 10 Music schools in Delhi to help you take your love for music to the next level -


Delhi School of Music

If you are a lover of Western musical instruments like Guitar, Piano or Drums and Western Classical music, you must visit Delhi School of Music. Located in Chanakyapuri, this music school promises to make you master instruments like Drums, Keyboard, Saxophone, Recorder, Flute, Clarinet, Cello, Guitar, Violin and Piano, etc. 

It was established in 1966 and is one of the most popular music schools in Delhi. Learn to play your favorite musical tunes from professional music teachers and trainers at Delhi School of Music. From Western classical to Indian classical, both kids and adults can sign up for music lessons in individual as well as group classes. 

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Saraswati Music College

Did you know that Saraswati Music College produced one of the most popular music legendary of all times - Mohammed Rafi! Located in Safdarjung Enclave, this music college would help you explore your love for Hindustani Classical or Western Classical music. 

Classical Vocal Classes, Bhajans and Ghazal lessons are offered in addition to different music instrument classes such as Harmonium, Sitar, Dholak, Tabla, Saxophone, Violin, Keyboard, Piano, Drums and Mouth Organ. Established in 1924, you can learn to play and sing from professional music and singing teachers at Saraswati Music College in Safdarjung Enclave. Classes are offered in the following structure - 

a) Twice a Week

b) Thrice a Week

c) Four times a Week

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Gandharva Mahavidhyalaya

Considered as one of the best classical music institutes in Delhi, Gandharva Mahavidyalaya is reputed for promoting and popularizing the art of Indian Classical dance and music styles. Established in 1939, this is  a prime music institute in Delhi and if you're interested to learn the art of playing Indian classical music instruments like - Sitar, Tabla, Flute, Sarod and more, this is one of the best music schools that you can join.

In addition to music, Gandharva Mahavidyalaya also offers dance lessons in Indian classical dancing formssuch as - Bharatanatyam, Odissi and Kathak. This makes it perfect for kids and adults who want to learn both dancing and music together from the same institute. Summer workshops for children are also offered here. 

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Sangeet Niketan

If you have started developing love for classical, semi-classical music, bhajans and instruments like Tabla, Violin, Sitar and more visit Sangeet Niketan located in East Delhi. Once you start exploring your musical side, you can also take part in the various cultural programs organized by Sangeet Niketan also organizes various cultural programmes for promoting music styles and dance forms. 

What are you waiting for then? Learn more about the courses, fee structure, and rules for admission at this dance and music academy in Delhi below. 

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Spin Gurus DJ & Remixing Academy

Are you a party animal and enjoy casual DJ music, Spin Gurus DJ offers music courses Rapping, Remixing, Vinyl DJing, CD Turntable, Digital DJing and Digital Music Production. Located in Pitampura, Spin Gurus DJ and Remixing Academy is one of the best DJ & music academies in Pitampura, Delhi for aspiring DJs and music producers. 

Awarded the best DJ and music production academy in India, if you're all about electronic music, this is the perfect place to start spinning! To know more about their music faculty, programs and fee structure, just visit their website below and take the next step to become a professional DJ!

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Delhi Music Society

Another top choice for anyone searching for the best music schools in the city, Delhi Music Society is a renowned name when it comes to understanding your knowledge of western musical instruments like guitar, piano, saxophone, drums, bass and many more. The society is known for its extensive collaborations with institutions like Indian Council for Cultural Relations, the India International Centre and various foreign missions. That means you can gain tremendous experience and exposure while learning music at Delhi Music Society. 

Established since 1953, this is one of the premier music institutions in Delhi offering world-class learning to people who have a passion for music. To learn more about Delhi Music Society, visit their website below. 

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HansDhwani Music Academy

HansDhwani music academy was established to help students who have zeal for music and dance and are looking for the best music lessons in west Delhi. Located in Tilak Nagar, this music academy invites you to explore the different musical classes offered by professional instructors. 

You can easily enroll for group classes as well as individual music lessons at this academy. Visit their website to learn more about the fee structures and courses offered in detail. 

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Harmony the School of Music and Creative Arts

If you want to learn how to play guitar, how to sing or how to play other music instruments from trained instructors, you are certainly on the right page. Located in Rajender Nagar, Harmony the School of Music and Creative Arts helps you explore your hidden talent through the most enjoyable and engaging way. 

Considered among one of the best music classes in Delhi, Harmony school of Music and Creative Arts lets you love yourself through music. Follow and learn more about them through below

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Swaranjali School of Music and Dance

If learning music is your passion and if you want to become a professional musician; enrol yourself for a 7-year graduation course in instruments such as Sitar, Tabla, Harmonium and Hindustani Vocal. Located in Swasthya Vihar, Swaranjali School of Music and Dance is a premier institute which aims to preserve and promote classical music in India and you too can easily learn to play Indian as well as Western instruments and dance forms from professional teachers and experienced instructors. 

Check out their Facebook page below to learn more about the different music courses, fee structure and timings. 

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Agastya School of Music

Looking for professional music tutors or lessons at home? Agastya School of Music offers home tuitions and group classes to let you achieve your passion for learning music. Located in Moti Bagh, Agastya School of Music offers all types of music training including vocal and instrument lessons from professional music teachers in Delhi. 

Whether you want to learn to play the guitar or are looking for Indian classical music lessons, this music school in South Delhi will allow you to learn from professional music teachers and trainers in Delhi. 

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What next? Pick up your favorite musical instrument and tunes from the best music classes in Delhi! Whether you are a beginner or an intermediate, music is a perfect hobby to relax, stay creative and enjoy your leisure time!

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