Top 10 Fitness centers in Delhi (for a fitter You)

Top 10 Fitness centers in Delhi (for a fitter You)

  • Bharat Sharma
  • 26/08/2017

You have been probably hearing the term ‘Fitness’ more than often these days. Almost everyone today wants to stay fit but very few know how to stay fit?

Yes, it is highly important to stay active and fit for enjoying life but it is equally important to recognise from where to start and which fitness center to join!  

To help you put your fitness foot forward, we present the top 10 Fitness centers in Delhi you can join to meet your fitness goals -

1. Gold’s Gym

Gold’s Gym is one of the most popular fitness centers amongst the fitness freaks in Delhi. The Gym adopts more personalised approach and assesses your improvement through fitness assessment and training sessions. Some of the major attractions of Gold’s Gym are swimming pools, massage center, spinning studios, squash courts, cardio and weights stations, physiotherapists and valet parking facility to make you feel royal. Want to know more? Simply  and get all your questions answered right now!

2. Ozone

Did you say, you want to join a Fitness Center and you haven’t checked out Ozone yet? Ozone fitness Center is one of the most reputed fitness centers perfect for people who want to exercise under professionally trained instructors. The center promises to tone your body up and transform your lifestyle completely. Located at the posh locality of Defence Colony, Ozone is famous for fantastic ambience and best equipments. Check out for more details and finalise your fitness plans today!

3. Fitness First

Fitness First brings to you the most advanced equipments, lucrative membership plans, well trained instructors and spacious ambience. You can also opt for personal trainer at home or enrol for group classes with Fitness first. Still thinking? So, strap up your shoes and visit the center physically at Saket. You can also refer to their website for detailed information on their plans and more.

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4. Aggression Gym

As the name suggests, Aggression Gym is all about being aggressive to achieve your fitness goals. Located in Pitampura, Aggression Gym includes a comprehensive approach towards fitness. If you want to work upon your physical and mental strength simultaneously, visit the Aggression Gym today or call for a home appointment. This fitness center also offers single workout sessions and you can pay per use. Visit their Facebook page for more details

5. Fluid Fitness

Fluid fitness focuses on your fitness mainly through cardio and physical exercises. Enhance your stamina and flexibility through Aerobics, Massages, Customized Fluid Level training programs and personal Training under the guidance of trained instructors and expert physiologists. Check out their website for getting a personal instructor or enrol for group sessions today!

6. Dronacharya's The Gym

If you thought Fitness Center is only about weight lifting, think again! Dronacharya’s The Gym promises to tone your body up through various forms of fitness exercises such as weight lifting, outdoor training, and professional gym services in a spacious and professional environment. If you are more into dancing, you can also enrol for the Aerobics classes at Dronacharya’s.  Visit the website for group classes or personal training and get closer to your fitness goals today!

7. The Gym

The Gym specialises in weight loss and muscle gain programmes for people of all age groups. Located in West Delhi, The Gym offers a variety of fitness, workout and exercise programs with professional equipment and secure environment. If you are looking for personalized workout schedules and want to improve your overall lifestyle and fitness, visit The Gym today or get information by visiting website

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8. Crazy Fitness Studio

Want to hit a gym which with the latest equipment and professional trainers? Crazy Fitness Studio is the perfect fitness center for you. Located in Pitampura, Delhi you can join here for aerobics, yoga, Zumba and dance classes from professional instructors and gym trainers. Experience quality facilities and modern amenities such as personal lockers, group classes and air-conditioned rooms. So, step up your fitness game with Crazy Fitness Studio in Delhi and tone your body the way you want to!

9. Gym Kaizen

If you are looking for affordable yet good fitness centers in South Delhi, you must explore Gym Kaizen. It’s is one of the most popular fitness spot for people who want to stay fit and active. Situated at Nebsarai, the Gym Kaizen houses good equipment and provides unisex training sessions conducted by certified instructor. What are you waiting for? Enrol for classes or call a fitness instructor at home today!

10. La Fitnesse

Planning to shift to Noida and worried about finding the best fitness center nearby? Don’t worry, La Fitnesse is the perfect fitness solution in Noida. The fitness center has everything you desire such as certified trainers, state-of-the-art equipment and scientific approach towards making you fit and healthy. Don’t wait, visit website to learn more and book your appointment today!

The best way to stay fit is to hit the right fitness center and if you are a Delhiite, you have crossed half the milestone already. Delhi is the hub for the best fitness centers in the country.

So, have you finalised your sports shoes and track suits already? What are you waiting for then, just find the nearest fitness center with and start your journey towards a fitter, better and happier you!

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