Top 10 Dance Classes for Kids in Delhi to bring out the Dancer in your Child

Top 10 Dance Classes for Kids in Delhi to bring out the Dancer in your Child

  • Bharat Sharma
  • 17/05/2018

Numerous experts agree that dancing is a perfect way to reduce stress, stay fit and increase aerobic benefits.  

Not just for adults, children can also reap the benefits of dancing right from an early age. If something so beneficial is only a few dancing steps away from your child, it's important for a parent to let their little ones learn a thing or two about dancing!

It is been proven that kids who have a creative hobby (like dancing) - have better mind-body coordination, improved co-operation skills and enhanced self confidence.

Both as a form of creative hobby and physical activity - dancing greatly benefits growth in children. It can help them stay active, develop movement patterns, build self-confidence and above all, keep themselves entertained!

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If you are searching for the perfect hobby for your toddler or teenage child, it's time to choose from the top 10 dance classes for kids in Delhi for the right start.

To help you choose the right dance academy for your little one, we have put together this article. If you can't decide between the best dance classes for kids in Delhi, keep on reading to make the right choice for your kid.


Top 10 Dance Classes for Kids in Delhi


#1 Delhi Dance Academy

A perfect place for children older than 3+ years who want to learn dance, Delhi Dance Academy offers dance lessons for kids between the ages of 4 to 12. From Indian Classical dance and Bollywood to Contemporary and Freestyle, you can choose from a desired dancing style for your child here.

Delhi Dance Academy is renowned for professional dance lessons taught by certified trainers and dance instructors.

They offer professional dance classes to kids on weekdays as well as weekends and you can be sure of a positive learning environment for your little one.

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#2  K3 Kathak Kala Kendra

Many Indian parents want to give their child the gift of a hobby and if you feel the same, look no further than K3 Kathak Kala Kendra for the best Indian classical dance lessons in Delhi.

This dance academy is affiliated to Prayag Sangeet Samiti and is an excellent place for learning various dancing styles such as- Classical, Indian Folk, Semi-Classical, Bollywood, Bollywood Fusion and many more.

Kids from age 4 and above can pursue dance courses in Delhi and perform on stage with annual performance review. Situated in West Delhi, K3 Kathak Kala Kendra offers a perfect learning environment for young children wanting to learn new dance moves.

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#3 4G Global Performers

Awarded the best institute for dance and performing arts, 4G Global Performers is a leading dance academy with a reputation for expert faculty and vast experience.

It has 4 branches in Delhi-NCR and you can enrol your kid in dance lessons at this institute.

From Bollywood dance and freestyle to salsa and ballet dance lessons, there are a variety of dance forms that you can choose for your child.

Be it Western or Indian dancing styles, dancing is a great way to express yourself. With 4G Global Performers, your child can also learn to dance in a holistic environment under the guidance of expert trainers and dance teachers in Delhi.

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#4  Dancend Dance Club

If you are searching for the best dance classes in Delhi for kids that aren't conventional, your search ends at Dancend.

A reputed dance academy with a variety of dance courses including - Bhangra Bollywood, Freestyle Choreo, Jazz Bollywood and Contemporary dance, your child can learn dance moves from professional dance instructors.

Dancend ensures a positive learning environment for kids and their classes are designed to give unique attention to every child. You can choose from different pricing plans according to your needs and budget. This dance institute is situated in South Delhi.

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#5 Zenith Dance Academy

Featuring one of the best dance instructors and trainers from India, Zenith Dance academy in Delhi has been offering dance lessons for kids in Delhi and Mumbai since 15 years now.

They specialize in teaching a variety of dancing styles including - Bollywood, Contemporary, Belly Dance, Indian Classical Dance, Hip Hop and Ballet among others.

For parents who want to be sure about the learning experience, Zenith Dance Academy offers free trails. The best part about enrolling your child at this dance academy in Delhi is that he/she can also prepare for dance competitions, dance workshops and learn about performing their talent on a stage.

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#6 Kalakriti Dance Academy

Delhi is home to a long list of Indian classical dance schools and academies. However, when it comes to finding the right classical dance classes for kids in Delhi, look no further than Kalakriti Dance Academy.

Located in Rajinder Nagar, the academy is run and led by reputed classical dancer and trainer Falguni Mazumder. Under her expert guidance and mentorship, your child can learn a variety of Indian classical dance forms such as - Bharatanatyam, Kathak, Kuchipudi etc.

Let your kids dance to new tunes and express themselves creatively. Kalakriti Dance Academy is the right place for enrolling your child for dance classes in Delhi.

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#7 Shiamak Davar Dance Academy

One of the pioneers in promoting dance as a lifestyle and professional skill, Shiamak Davar's dance academy continues to teach children different dancing styles.

By offering professional dance courses, positive learning environment and the expert guidance of dance guru Shiamak Davar, this dance academy is the best in business for dance enthusiasts.

As they have multiple locations in Delhi-NCR, finding the right dance academy for your child in Delhi wont' be a troublesome task. Children from four years and above can sign up for weekly dance classes at this dance academy.

They also offer special dance courses for kids during summer break and you can easily enrol online for popular dancing styles such as - Bollywood dance, salsa, hip hop, freestyle dance, contemporary dance among others.

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#8 The Danceworx

A dance institute established by famous Indian-Australian choreographer Ashley Lobo, the Danceworx has helped thousands of little ones as well as adults to learn dancing. They offer professional as well as hobby dance lessons and workshops for kids and their focus is to give each child the right opportunity and platform to perform dance.

From Jazz, Classical and Ballet dance to Contemporary and Urban/Funk dance courses, you can choose from a variety of dancing styles for your little one.

Established in 1998, The Danceworx academy is located in multiple areas in Delhi-NCR, making it super convenient for you and your child to learn dancing.

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#9  Nikolina Nikoleski Dance Academy

Managed and promoted by renowned dancer and choreographer Nikolina Nikoleski, who is classically trained in Bharatanatyam and Ballet dance styles, this is one of the premier dance school in New Delhi. Nikolina is an expert teacher and trainer who take pride and joy in teaching children as well as adults how to dance with passion.

This dance academy in South Delhi is a must-visit if you are looking for western contemporary and Indian classical dance lessons. Even at a young age, your child can learn to dance from one of the best dance trainer in Delhi.

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#10 Choreotheque

One of the best dance institutes for kids as well as adults in Delhi, Choreotheque is the brainchild of expert choreographer and dance instructor Anish.

They offer dance classes for kids in Delhi for a variety of dance forms such as - Contemporary, Jazz, Hip Hop, Bollywood, Fusion and Latin. You can enrol your child for either weekday or weekend dance lessons at this dance institute.

Choreotheque provides dance classes for toddlers (2-4 years), kids junior (4-8 years) and kids senior (7-11 years).

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Over To You

Apart from the obvious physical benefits of dancing, your child will love to learn the art of self-expression. Dancing not only helps child development but also gets your child excited and eager for learning something new in life!

Ready to give your child the gift of learning? Let your little ones tap their toes to the tunes of music and express themselves creatively.

Choosing from the top 10 dance classes for kids in Delhi is now easier and simpler with - find the best hobby classes, teachers and learning centers near you today! and also leran more about your favourite dance moves.


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