Top 10 Cooking Classes in Melbourne Australia

Top 10 Cooking Classes in Melbourne Australia

  • 17/04/2022

The Top 10 Cooking Classes in Melbourne:

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Are you tired of eating the same food over and over again or are you looking for a way to cut down the take-outs? These are a few of the many reasons why you to consider signing up for a cooking class.

If you are an adult, you know the struggle that goes behind cooking daily and after having a long day at work take-outs seems like an appealing option but eating take-outs can have a serious effect on your health and mood.


Some of the disadvantages of eating take-outs are listed below:

  • Eating take-outs regularly may increase the risk of depression.
  • Take-outs high in sodium can cause migraine and headaches.
  • Take-outs that are high in carbohydrates can trigger acne.

Some of the advantages of cooking at home are listed below:

  • Cooking at home can reduce the risk of cardiac diseases, high blood pressure, cancer, diabetes, and much more. Having home-cooked healthy meals can support the immune system.
  • Having a home-cooked meal can give you more energy and can improve your sleeping cycle.
  • Cooking is a great stress- reliever.
  • Cooking and eating with your loved ones is a perfect way to bond with your family.
  • Eating a healthy home-cooked meal can increase resilience toward mental disorders such as anxiety, depression, etc.

Now, you know the advantages and disadvantages of having home-cooked meals and a perfect way to kick start your journey towards a healthier lifestyle would be attending cooking classes. A great benefit of cooking classes is that you would have a professional chef by your side who will guide you through every step and you would also learn relevant skills.

Therefore, in this article, we have summarized the best cooking classes of 2022 in Melbourne.













  1. La Cucina di Sandra

Fan of Italian cuisine? Then La Cucina di Sandra is a perfect choice for you. La Cucina di Sandra is a beginner-friendly cooking class, they teach dishes from the northern and southern parts of Italy.








62 Lyndhurst St, Richmond, Victoria- 3121


Contact info:

Tel: 0419 503 805



  1. Free to feed:

Free to feed is a Not-for-profit organization where classes are run by refugees and asylum seekers.  Free to feed instructors belong to diverse cultural backgrounds ranging from Sri Lanka to Syria where they are passionate to teach Melbourne their cultural food. The instructors share their personal stories as a refugee at the dinner table too. So, if you are looking for cooking classes that teach local cuisine of different countries, then Free to Feed is the one for you!