Top 10 Benefits of Yoga

Top 10 Benefits of Yoga

  • 05/10/2020

Top 10 Benefits of Yoga


Yoga is an ancient practice mining breathing control, meditation and various body postures. It is scientifically proven that yoga can affect health, metabolism, and biochemical by various practices. A person can determine who he wants to be by yoga as yoga is able to change the fundamentals of the human conscious and subconscious mind. It helps to strike a balance in life and teaches the way to channel internal energy. Improves once consciousness towards surrounding by increasing awareness of what's inside the person.


       Yoga helps a person in various ways that even medical science cannot fully explain, and this is the reason yoga is adopted worldwide. International yoga day is celebrated on 21st June.


Let's see the benefits of Yoga -


  1. Yoga for improving concentration

Meditation or Dhyana is a crucial aspect of yoga and is proven to be exceptionally significant to improve concentration. When a person meditates, he tries to focus on a single thing rather than letting the mind get random thoughts. As yoga helps to come down and relax, meditating then improves concentration and focus.

High concentration results in better focus in work, reducing mistakes and increasing output. A calm mind can think clearly and make the correct choices. Yoga, as a part of life, transforms brain activity from inside, making it able to concentrate on a single entity.


  1. Yoga for maintains body posture & flexibility.

Yoga helps to keep the body flexible and healthy. Regular yoga helps to maintain body posture, and if the poster is wrong various yoga methods can assist in correcting it. Correct body posture at the time of sitting, standing, walking avoids any unnecessary pain which may cause due to odd body posture. Studies have shown proper body posture maintains joint flexibility even in old age. The flexible body does not put any extra strain when doing physical work.


  1. Yoga for weight loss

A study indicated that yoga helps in weight loss by making people aware of overeating, and burning exercise calories by daily yoga practice. Chaturanga Dandasana, Virabhadrasana,

Trikonasana and Adho Mukha Svanasana helps to burn fat and carbohydrates in the body.

       Obesity causes various other diseases like joint pain, diabetes, high blood pressure, but regular yoga reduces the chances to nearly zero. The slim body has more flexibility and better balance, improving the quality of life.












  1. Yoga relieves stress & anxiety.

Yoga reduces the secretion of cortisol, the stress hormone. Regular yoga improves mental and physical health which reduces the secretion of stress hormone in the body, as a result, reduces the risk of a person getting into depression which is now becoming a prevalent mental illness.

     Meditation and other yogic asana help in relaxing and stopping mood swings, the Mood swings are a significant cause of anxiety; thus, yoga also helps in anxiety reduction. Studies show that people who do regular yoga are less prone to panic attacks because yoga creates an environment of positive energy reducing chances of anxiety rise.


  1. Yoga improves skin glow.

Yoga improves the blood circulation in the body, which helps to provide nutrients to all body cells. The waste from cells is also removed quickly and excreted out.

     Sarvangasana is a shoulder exercise which increases the blood flow to two faces resulting in skin glow and reduction in wrinkles. Doing this yogic exercise twice a day can result in the removal of acne and pimples, causing the skin to brighten and tighten. The absorption of nutrients from food increases due to yoga, and sending these nutrients to the skin, making it healthy and soft.













  1. Yoga can reduce the chances of a heart attack.

All yoga asana improves cardiovascular function. Even light yoga every day has scientifically proven to reduce the risk of heart attacks. Yoga reduces blood cholesterol glucose levels and blood pressure, which are key reasons for a heart attack.

      Yogic asanas are designed so that they help improve natural body functions. Doing regular yoga reduces glucose from the blood, which also reduces the chances of getting diabetes. Yoga also reduces heart rate by keeping stress and depression away. Surya namaskar is the most accepted asanas for cardiovascular exercise.


  1. Yoga to reduce pain

There are countless studies showing that yoga can reduce pain naturally, whether it is migraine or arthritis. The yogic exercises focus on the natural movement of the body, strengthening the muscles and improving flexibility. Yoga has also proven beneficial in reducing inflammations which are costly as a side effect to various diseases.

       Paschimottanasana, Salabhasana and Trikonasana are few of asanas which are considered to be a cure of back pain even by doctors. This asana stretches and relaxes the muscles, and the extent of it is decided by the instructor.














  1. Yoga to strengthen breathing

Pranayam is the part of yoga which deals with breeding. In this process, a person focuses on different variations of breathing which results in a stronger pair of lungs. Healthier lungs provide more oxygen to the body resulting in a better mental status and reflex.

      For various asthmatic patients, Pranayam can prove to be a permanent cure for their disease. This exercise is done by athletes as well so that they can spend a long time in the field. Studies have shown that people who do Pranayam on a regular basis are less likely to have automatic problems.


  1. Yoga for senses

Yoga improves sensitivity to all five senses when done regularly. Mindful meditation increases the sensitivity of one's surroundings, and Pranayam increases eyesight by bringing pure oxygenated blood to them. In a similar way, other sensors are heightened with regular yoga; this increase in perception enables them to make life easier by making better decisions. When a person is able to absorb the positive energy from nature, life becomes more enjoyable.
















  1. Yoga for energy

In ancient times warriors did yoga before going to the battlefield. After a yoga session, the body is full of energy not depleted like other physical exercises; this is a speciality of yoga. Yoga fills the body with energy so that the rest of the day can be conquered easily. This boost of energy reduces laziness and lethargy.

         The energy which is generated due to inhaling Prana or air in a systematic way acts as an instigator. The positive energy creates a chain of positive motion and positive action leading to positive outcomes.












Yoga means connection, and it is up to the practitioner with whom he wants to get connected. The connection can be with nature with himself or with the divine. Yoga creates harmony and boosts health. Practicing yoga improves the quality of life by guiding the energy towards constructive action. Yoga has the solution to all the problems faces by people on a daily basis.



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