Top 10 Art Classes in Singapore

Top 10 Art Classes in Singapore

  • 16/07/2022

The Top 10 Art Classes in Singapore:


What Is Juxtaposition in Art?



One should always take some time out of their day to pursue their interests and hobbies. Even if you do not have a particular hobby, you should find one that interests you. If playing a musical instrument or physical activity does not really fascinate you, then maybe these points below might help you find your hobby that you will love and enjoy:

  • Try new things:

To find a hobby that will make you happy you should be on the lookout for trying new things. If you think that hiking might the something that will interest you then give it a try and if it does not interest you then it is okay. You should always remember you try new things and see what sticks with you.



  • Think of your old hobbies:

Think of the time when life did not get in your way, that is when you were a kid. What did you enjoy back then? Maybe you can reclaim those hobbies. If you were coloring and drawing all the time then maybe you can sign up for an art class or were you playing out all the time? then maybe you consider joining an adult football team or something related to your interests.

  • Turn things you enjoy into your hobby:

You can transform the things you already enjoy into your hobby. let’s take an example if you are a foodie then maybe you can try out cooking classes or maybe if you enjoy watching fashion shows, you can try out sewing classes so you can make your own masterpieces!


Why Make Art Now - Art Biz Success




A hobby has a strong impact on our personal as well as our professional life. While you practice something that you truly enjoy, happiness pours into your life. You will be more focused and optimistic. Pursuing a hobby is a great way to deal with stress too. Having a hobby can improve your career, enhance your motor skills, and help you grow spiritually.


If your interests lie in painting, drawing, tuft making, and such things then this article is for you! In this article, we have compiled a list of the top 10 best art classes in Singapore for 2022. So, take a break from your chaotic life and enroll in an art class.


  1. Winifred Kristé Cake:

Combine your love for cakes and art here at Winifred Kristé Cake. Winifred Kristé Cake conducts workshops on making sugary flowers to add a little extra pizzaz to your boring cakes. Students at Winifred Kristé Cake will master the art of making 5 different types of flowers and the theory of colors.





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