Tips to Prepare for Engineering Entrance and JEE

Tips to Prepare for Engineering Entrance and JEE

  • 14/09/2019

The Joint Entrance Examination JEE is conducted by the National Testing Agency NTA twice a year in online mode. 

The first exam session is conducted in the month of January and the second session is conducted in the month of April. 8 different slots are available during the exam month from which the students can choose their convenient slot.

Students must have a very effective preparation strategy to crack the JEE exam, whose score would help them enter highly reputed engineering colleges in the country. Students must plan and study for these exams and keep themselves informed of the important topics for the year.


 Here are a few tips to keep in mind during your preparation through the year:


Keep yourself updated:

Be up to date with the notifications and information from the National Testing Agency. The rules by NTA are liable to slightly change sometimes. Thus, keep checking the NTA website for the latest syllabus, marking scheme and pattern of exam.


Know the syllabus and exam pattern: 

At first, check the exam syllabus and go through it to become familiar with the topics you would be asked from. Segregate the portions into parts, to study systematically and make sure you make yourself thorough in every topic.


 Prepare a timetable:

You will be studying three subjects - Physics, chemistry and math. Hence, divide your equally for each subject and do not compromise on any of them. Make sure that you study at least for 2 hours a day and keep in touch with the subjects every day. Allot separate time for revision and self-tests too. These are very important to bring out perfection in concepts. Keep important topics as your priority and practise question from them thoroughly.


Be strong in basic concepts:

It is preferable to start studying from the NCERT textbooks as the questions are mainly based on them. Yet, it is advisable to refer other good books to enrich your knowledge and have an idea of the varied questions and their solutions. Start by revising the basic concepts, as without them you cannot go any further to more difficult questions.


Solve previous years' questions:

Collect questions from the past years and try solving them. The more you practise the faster and more correctly can you solve questions. Old question papers are available online or as booklets. Toppers always have repeated practise by trying out questions from various JEE exam material sources and clarify their doubts then and there.


Ask seniors for guidance and clarity:

Seniors often turn out to be the best guides when it comes to academics. Contact seniors who are ready to guide you and you learn from their experience. They would tell you about their preparation method and areas where they had to improve themselves. This might help you too.


Take short breaks:  

Do take small breaks in between to refresh your mind and grasp faster. Research has shown that studying with short breaks keeps you active and fresh while studying. Do not sit or long periods of time. Take a short walk every one or two hours of studying.


 Believe in yourself:

Believe that you shall do well and that hard work shall pay. Think positively and never lose hope during your preparation. 


It is important to find good tutor who can guide you through your preparatory period for the entrance exam. Keep visiting for more information regarding the exams and for preparation tips.


The Engineering Community in India celebrates 15th September as Engineers Day every year as a tribute to the greatest Indian Engineer Bharat Ratna Mokshagundam Visvesvaraya. The theme for Engineers Day 2019 is “Engineering for Change”.

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