Tips to Keep Fit During the Covid Pandemic

Tips to Keep Fit During the Covid Pandemic

  • 19/10/2020

Tips to Keep Fit During the Covid Pandemic


There is nothing more important in this time of the pandemic than everyone's health. Experts say that we should be equipped to take control and responsibility for our physical, mental and emotional wellbeing and exercising is one of the best portals to do so. One of the most significant benefits of exercising every day is that it helps keep our immune system functioning optimally. It also helps with stress management, and others improve your mental wellbeing. Since work from home has become the 'new normal' and adapting to the virtual work environment has become an unavoidable task, exercising proves to be a much-needed relief. Here are some tips to keep you motivated to be healthy and active during these challenging times.


Stick to your Workout Routines


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Having to spend hours together in front of your computer screen can be draining on so many levels. This makes it challenging to stay committed to your preset workout plans. However, being conscious of the different benefits of a sound immune system can motivate you to stick to your workout plans. Prioritizing your workout routine and putting your fitness activities on the same calendar as your regular activities enable you to fulfil the responsibility to your health and focus on work afterwards.


Fix a Workout Slot That Is Right for You


Since most of the time during the pandemic is spent indoors, it is important to fix a time that works best for your workout routines. People who maintain a long time exercise program usually exercise in the morning. Working out in the morning energizes you helps you stay active and positive for the rest of the day. However, some people would find it helpful to take a break from work and exercise in the afternoon, and some others would work out in the evening after regular working hours. It is advisable to decide on a time that fits in with your everyday schedule and follow the same all through.


Have Specific Goals and Track Your Routine


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It is always advisable to set specific and concrete workout goals for achieving good results in the long run. Rather than focusing on 'getting in better shape', it is better to set specific goals like walking for an hour every day. You can use a fitness tracker or smartphone app to track the time, distance and effort you have invested in your workout every day. This will help you feel accountable, provide a sense of accomplishment and motivate you to keep going. 




While it is a fact that being fit will not prevent you from catching the virus, it does have many other positive and protective effects on your body. Exercise improves all aspects of your health by releasing endorphins and other chemicals that revitalizes and relaxes your mind and body. Keeping fit during the pandemic, therefore, is of utmost importance to everyone as it has multiple health benefits, strengthens your immune system and balances your body and mind.



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