Tips on Promotion of Tuition or coaching class with good profile score for trust building

Tips on Promotion of Tuition or coaching class with good profile score for trust building

  • 21/03/2022

Tips on Promotion of Tuition or coaching class with good profile score for trust building

Why You Should Have a Good Profile Score?


Online education has gained a lot of popularity in recent years and ever since the COVID-19 outbreak online education has become a very essential part of people’s life. The world of online education is not only limited to academics but it is about also learning new hobbies. Online learning combines education and the internet which has been like a boon to people who are willing to try new things in their lives.

The COVID-19 pandemic forced the schools and universities to close down which significantly increased usage of online platforms for learning. The demand for online education is huge and is increasing day by day. A huge contributor to the demand for online education is TIME, as people now can learn whenever they want where ever they want. Even though the demand is huge but there are tons of educators too. So, you need to stick out from the general crowd, and having a perfect profile score is the key to achieving that.

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This article will highlight the importance of having a good profile score and tips to get a perfect profile score.


Why does a great profile score matter?

Let’s take an example that will help in a better understanding of the importance of a profile score.

Imagine you are about to go out for dinner in a new city but you are not aware of any good restaurants so you do a quick google search and this ends up on your screen…


  1.                                                                       (B)


Which one would you end up choosing? Of course, the second one.

This is what happens with your tutor profile too. A learner will stumble across your tutor profile and will check your profile score and if you have a great profile score you are good to go but having a bad profile can prove to be a big issue. A bad profile score can turn down potential learners. So, if you are one of them it is time to change that.

Another reason why profile score plays a huge role is because it helps in building credibility and trust. In this age of online education, tutors/teachers often struggle to have a meaningful and trusting relationship with their learners. But having a trustworthy relationship with your learners is very important. It is proven that the teacher-student relationship helps the students in numerous ways. Such as the student performs well academically, has a more positive approach towards life, takes interest in lessons, and has a higher engagement in the class.  Even though building a relationship with a student might be a struggle but it is all worth it in the end.

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If you have a bad profile score, ensure to use these tips:

  • Profile picture:

“First impressions last long.

If you want to look like a professional and credible person you will need a profile picture that says so. Make sure to have a bright and warm smile in your profile picture, wear appropriate clothes, do not put a group photo, do not have a distracting background instead opt for something neutral, refrain from having selfies as your profile picture.

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  • Boost your educational background/ skills:

This is a perfect way to display professionalism. You will come across as a knowledgeable person that knows ins and outs of the field, this may not create a lot of impact but it does help with building trust. Listing your skills is also a great way to improve your score as it will let your learners know a little bit more about you.

  • Work experience:

This section matters a lot. It showcases that you are an expert in this field and are familiar with teaching and being a teacher.

  • About section:

Keep this section short and to the point. It should not be more than 7-8 lines. Have a catchy hook line so that people would be willing to read the entire thing. Do not use complex words and steer clear from jargon.


  • Testimonials:

Testimonials and reviews help in establishing trust and reliability. The reviews and testimonies affect the decision of potential learners. As The previous testimonies such as “course is great” or “the tutor is amazing” assure the new learners that and they get inspired to make a decision.






Now you know the importance of having a good profile score and the role it plays.

And if your profile needs a makeover, you can follow the above tips to achieve a great score.



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