Tips on Promotion of Tuition or coaching class through word out mouth marketing using Star ratings

Tips on Promotion of Tuition or coaching class through word out mouth marketing using Star ratings

  • 21/03/2022

Tips on Promotion of Tuition or coaching class through word out mouth marketing using Star ratings


Why are ratings and reviews important?

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The year 2020-21 has seen a significant increase in usage of online education due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Therefore, it is the perfect time for you to step foot in the world of online education. The benefits of teaching online are numerous and one of them would be earning a side income on your time convenience. For teaching online there is little to no investment (in terms of money). 

It is a technologically forward era where the internet is the solution for everything. Want to try a new restaurant? We check for the reviews/ratings, want to stay at a hotel? We check for the reviews/ratings or want to try a new product? even before visiting a store, we check for reviews or ratings.

Studies show that around 91% of people frequently check ratings and reviews and about 84% trust the reviews as much as a personal recommendation. Around 31% of people say that the product needs at least a rating of 3 stars for purchasing and 9% won’t purchase a product if it does not have a rating of 5.

You can already make out the role ratings and reviews play in any business. Ratings and reviews have the ability to make-or-break a business.

This article is all about the importance of reviews and ratings.



What does star rating mean?


Star rating is a type of reviewing system. It is used by reviewers to critique things such as films, places, apps, restaurants, etc.

Meaning of each star:

1: I hated it

2: I didn’t like it

3:  It was acceptable

4. It was good

5. It was exceptional.



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The history behind the Star-Rating system:


The Star-Rating system was first seen in Mariana Starke’s 1820 guidebook, she used exclamation marks for ranking, it was later adapted by Murray’s Handbook for travelers but instead of exclamation marks, they used stars. And eventually, it was adopted by the whole world for ranking products.






5 Reasons Why Ratings and Reviews Matter:



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  1. Helps in building trust and credibility:

Having good reviews on your profile helps in building trust and credibility significantly. The steady flow of good reviews increases the visibility of your profile too.

  1. Helps with building a loyal relationship:

When a person takes time out of their day to write a review, they certainly have some loyalty towards you. It also means that they are satisfied with your services and would probably recommend you to others.

  1. Helps in understanding your learners:

Reviews help with a better understanding of your learner’s overall experience. It helps with the betterment of your services too. Analyzing the reviews provides a better idea about their wants and needs.

  1. Makes your learners feel valued:

Posting reviews act as a voice for the learners. When their review gets commented on by you, they feel like their opinion is valued. This is where is a loyal relationship between you and the students starts.

  1. Helps potential learners:

Reviews and rankings help the potential learner make an informed decision.  When previous learners leave their positive feedback, it acts as validation for the potential learners.


Tips that will help you with getting more reviews and ratings:


  • A follow-up email:

A fruitful way of getting more reviews would be sending a follow-up email after your learners are done with your services. The sooner you send a follow-up email the better, as the learners would be more encouraged to leave a review.

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  • Respond to all of the reviews you receive:

If a person is taking time out of their day to review your services it is your DUTY to respond. Even if you are busy RESPOND. Make the opinion and person feel valued. Even a simple THANK YOU is sufficient to maintain a loyal relationship.

  • Give them the BEST experience:

Your learner’s experience is related to the number of reviews you receive. Better the experience, the more the number of reviews. Give them your best so that they would be obliged to leave a positive review.

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